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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Library bans "Clinton Cash" best seller from their shelves

(Breitbart)  -  A library in Florida denied a woman’s request to put a New York Times bestselling graphic novel that criticizes Hillary Clinton on its shelves.

The Alachua County Library District denied Alachua County resident Ann Lhota’s request to make Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel available to borrow.
Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel is currently the number one New York Times bestselling graphic novel, based off Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash.
Despite the book’s popularity on bestsellers lists and on Amazon, library officials say it is not going to happen.
“We were told, “No, absolutely not; that book will not go on the shelves of the library,'” Ann Lhota said to WUFT-TV. That was 40 days ago.
The library said it denied Lhota’s request because it has already invested enough in the topic.
Library officials said the book Clinton Cash, released in 2015, is already on shelves in the Alachua County Library District.
“The library currently has 11 copies of this title in four different formats,” a library official said to WUFT-TV.
But Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel, released last month, is nowhere to be found on its shelves.
Lhota said the library has invested in a graphic novel bashing Donald Trump.
The library currently has three copies of Michael Ian Black’s A Child’s First Book of Trump on its shelves.
Lhota told Breitbart News in an email that several others have requested Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel, as well, and have even offered to pay for the book and donate it to the library.
“We want all the books on the shelves. We want the people to make the decision,” Lhota told WUFT-TV.
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The library purchased three copies on this anti-Trump book to brainwash
children but refused a donated free copy of Clinton Cash.

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