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Friday, September 30, 2016

Obama airstrikes kill 22 soldiers in Somalia fighting al Qaeda

Another Undeclared War

  • Just a few days ago Caliph Hussein Obama bombed Syrian troops fighting ISIS. Now we see Obama bombing Somalia troops fighting Al Shabaab (al Qaeda).
  • Call me a crazy Blogger, which I am, but there might be a pattern here.
  • Note - Neither political party cares about this unconstitutional war.

MOGADISHU Somalia (Xinhua) -- At least 22 Somalia soldiers were mistakenly killed and 16 others injured by suspected U.S. airstrikes early Wednesday in the outskirt of Galkayo town in central Somalia.

Osman Isse Nor, Security Minister for regional Galmudug State, told reporters that airstrike only targeted their forces, saying no Al-Shabaab militants were killed during the bombardment, an incident which sparked street demonstrations against U.S.forces.

"The attack occurred at our army base, 30 kilometers east of this town and killed 22 soldiers, wounded 16 others and destroyed armed vehicles. The U.S drones carried out the attack, but we believe that the Puntland security forces gave them (United States) wrong information," Nor said.

The minister said that the attack happened at 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday and called on Washington to give response to the latest deadly incident which saw many residents held street protests against the killings.

Dozens of angry residents chanted anti-American slogans, burning the U.S. flags in protests against the killings and called on the Galmudug regional state to respond to what they termed aggression.

The protesters accused semi-autonomous Puntland State of giving false information to American Special Forces to kill the soldiers who were in their military base and not the militants who have been fighting to topple the Western-backed government.

There were no official comments from either the U.S. government or Puntland State on the airstrikes in the region.

The U.S. maintains a small force unit of about 50 troops in Somalia mainly to advise and assist Somalia and AMISOM troops battling Al-Shabaab militants.

Though they are not in Somalia to conduct combat operations, when called in, their helicopters, drones and manned aircraft are available for quick reaction airstrikes.
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