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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Joe Miller to challenge Murkowski as Libertarian Party nominee

Joe Miller and Senator Lisa Murkowski.

It's going to be a Hell of a ride

  • Former Alaska Senate GOP nominee to run as a Libertarian.  No doubt lots of details to follow.
  • We need more parties on the ballot. But I feel we do not need pansy "Give group hugs" Libertarians. 
  • We need a new Nationalist Party that opposes both the open borders GOP and the open borders Democrats. A new party of patriots that cuts across the phony and false liberal-conservative divide.

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) Joe Miller is turning the tables on Sen. Lisa Murkowski.
Six years ago the tea party favorite won the GOP nomination but lost the general election to Murkowski, who ran a write-in campaign.
Now, after sitting out the primary, Miller is running against Murkowski as a Libertarian. The move creates a race with four candidates who have a proven ability to win support from a significant amount of the electorate.
“Alaskans deserve a real choice,” Miller wrote in a news release. "The choice between a Democrat, a Democrat-backed independent, and a Republican-In-Name-Only -- who has been one of Barack Obama's chief enablers -- is no choice at all.”
The move comes after the Libertarian Party nominee, Cean Stevens, withdrew from the race.
Democrat Ray Metcalfe and Independent Margaret Stock will also appear on the November ballot.
Murkowski and Stock could not immediately be reached for comment, but Metcalfe said he welcomes the latest entrant to the race.
"I was wishing he'd have run in the Republican primary. I think he would have taken it. Frankly, had he taken it I'd have a lot better shot, but even this certainly improves my chances." Metcalfe said. "Three candidates are going to split up the vote, so that does give us as a smaller party a chance of having our nominee be the victor."
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2010 Alaska U.S. Senate - Final/certified general election results
RepublicanLisa Murkowski (Incumbent) (Write-In)101,09139.49
RepublicanJoe Miller90,83935.49
DemocraticScott McAdams60,04523.46
LibertarianDavid Haase1,4590.57
IndependentTimothy Carter9270.36
IndependentTed Gianoutsos4580.18
Write-inOther write-in votes1,1430.44
Invalid or blank votes2,7841.08
Total votes258,746100
Voter turnout52.3%

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