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Friday, September 9, 2016

Muslim plot to bomb Notre Dame

Protecting Muslim Terrorists
Yet Another Media Blackout

  • So many Muslim attacks are buried deep, deep down in the news cycle by the corrupt corporate media machine so the public never sees them. It takes the free Internet media to highlight the news that is actually happening.

(Pamela Geller)  -  Yesterday I reported on a massive bomb plot –– a car packed with explosive gas cylinders found outside Paris’s Notre Dame cathedral. The car’s owner, is already known to authorities for inciting to jihad was also being questioned.
How big is this cell? How many Muslims infected with sudden mental illness syndrome were involved? Stay tuned.
“Second couple arrested after car with gas cylinders found in Paris,” ABC, September 7, 2016:
French police have arrested a second couple in connection with a car found carrying seven gas cylinders near Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, a judicial official said.

Police picked up the second couple on Wednesday evening about 110 kilometres south of Paris, a police source said.
Muslim Terror Target
Built in 1345 Notre Dame de Paris is one of the
great symbols of the Christian faith.

They were known to the security services for links to radical Islamists.
There was no detonating device present in the car, found on a Seine riverside stretch called the Quai de Montebello, metres from Notre-Dame, one of Paris’s most popular attractions.
Documents with writing in Arabic were also found in the car.
The car’s owner, also known to authorities for spreading Islamist ideas, was also taken in for questioning but released on Tuesday evening.
Police are also looking for the owner’s daughter, whom he described to investigators as radicalised.
A bar employee working near Notre Dame raised the alert on Sunday after noticing a gas cylinder on the back seat of the car, a police source said.
That cylinder was found to be empty but five full cylinders were found in the boot of the car.
Photographs of the metallic silver-coloured car after it was discovered showed its boot open and the gas canisters placed on the ground in a quiet side street opposite the cathedral.
Notre Dame, renowned for its flying buttresses, stained glass windows and gargoyles, is one of Paris’s most popular landmarks, attracting 13 million visitors each year.
Speaking on Wednesday, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the intentions of those arrested were as yet unknown.
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Another Muslim Terror Target.
Hagia Sophia in Istanbul
Built in 537 AD Hagia Sophia ("Holy Wisdom") was the greatest church in the world until the Muslim Turks conquered the city and slaughtered, raped and enslaved the Christians inside praying to God. The church was then turn into a mosque.

From the Hagia Sophia
church in Istanbul.

Christians are told we must respect Islam, but Islam does not respect Christians. Constantinople was taken by the Muslim Turks 1453. Trapped in the Hagia Sophia church, congregants and refugees became spoils to be divided amongst the Muslim invaders.
The building was desecrated and looted, and occupants enslaved, violated or slaughtered;
 while elderly and infirm were killed, women and girls were raped and the remainder chained and sold into slavery. Priests continued to perform Christian rites until stopped by the invaders. When the Sultan entered the church, he insisted it should be at once transformed into a mosque.

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