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Friday, September 23, 2016

Students vent about their "Hurt Feelings" in College ball pit

Retard Alert
We have raised a generation (or two) of retard "adults" who 
never grow up but remain little children.

(Heat Street)  -  During its “inclusive language” campaign, California State University-Northridge students lounged in a bouncy-ball pit and held forth about words that hurt their feelings in a so-called “vent tent,” Heat Street has learned after exclusively reviewing documents and video footage.
CSU-Northridge’s event stretched on for an entire week, teaching students about “potentially hurtful phrases” and cautioning that “using non-inclusive language can have a negative affect on others.”
The University Student Union, a student-led nonprofit campus organization, spent more than $1,000 in student fees on the event, according to invoices. Urging students to avoid hurtful language, USU came up with a list of offensive words — and then printed them in huge, all-caps text, hanging the poster on campus regardless of their supposedly triggering potential.

Adult Children play in a ball pit and vent to each
other about mean words people use.

Some of these phrases were obviously rude; in fact, it’s pretty inconceivable that a university would feel the need to teach college students that it’s not nice to say, for instance, “you stupid whore,” “this bitch,” or “fag.” Then again, these are the same young adults who find their college’s rental of a play-place ball pit fun and quirky instead of infantilizing and slightly insulting.
Other words and phrases deemed offensive by USU are much more common, and garner far less public consensus as uncouth. For instance, students were cautioned about the harmful potential of “man up,” or about using the adjective “crazy” or describing the weather as “bipolar.”
Another flagged phrase had a decidedly political bent: Students were cautioned about saying “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien.”
USU also created a spinning wheel of the phrases it deemed offensive, hiring a videographer and prompting students to describe why a word or term could cause emotional harm and what language they’d use instead.
Most students acquiesced. Some suggested that specific words be banned outright.
USU also invited students to write down hurtful words of their choice, describing how it makes them feel.
This year, one student wrote, “When I hear the word ‘edgy,’ it makes me feel triggered.”
Another said, “When I hear the word ‘ditzy,’ it makes me feel people think I’m stupid, which makes me feel unworthy/less than others.”
During the university’s 2015 campaign, one student wrote, “When I hear the word ‘useless,’ it makes me feel hopeless, depressed. It makes me wonder if I matter and if it matters whether I’m even alive or not.”
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Ending Free Speech
Students created a spinning wheel of the phrases it deemed offensive.

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