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Monday, September 26, 2016

Muslim Turk kills 5 in Washington State slaughter

Is it Muslim Terrorism or Just 
Terrorism by a Muslim?

  • Call me a crazy Blogger, which I am, but we have enough home grown loons. Do we really need to import more?

(World Net Daily)  -  The 20-year-old arrested as a suspect in the Washington state mall shooting is a native of Adana, Turkey, and a 2015 graduate of Oak Harbor High School in the Washington state community of Oak Harbor, Washington, where he was known as “The Turk.”
Arcan Cetin is a legal permanent resident of the United States, authorities said.
He was identified by surveillance video images in the store. He was arrested Saturday night following the Friday-night attack in which five people were killed by an assailant bearing a Ruger hunting rifle who strolled into the makeup department of a Macy’s store in the Cascade Mall – a gun-free zone. Four of the victims were women ranging in age from teens to seniors.
Cetin posted on his Tumblr page encouragement to chant “SubhanAllah,” which means “glory to Allah.”
There are reports the assailant may have known two of the women – possibly an ex-girlfriend and her grandmother. The shooter first walked into the mall unarmed and returned 10 minutes later armed.
Washington State Patrol Sgt. Mark Francis told the media that he couldn’t comment on reports that the gunman had called out a woman’s name before opening fire, according to Q13 Fox.
Police say it’s too early to rule out terrorism as a motive for the shooting.
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