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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Political Prisoner Tommy Robinson: Free Again


Daring to use Free Speech in Public

  • If you lick the boots of your Masters in Government then you will be featured by the corrupt media machine on prime time TV. 
  • But Tommy Robinson only gets to see the inside of a jail cell for wanting to end open borders by the UK Conservative Party. 

(Gates of Vienna)  -  The latest attempt by the British government to silence Tommy Robinson has failed: Today a judge threw out a police banning order against Mr. Robinson for his display of a banner at the Euro football tournament in France last June.
Tommy’s “crime” had been to hold up a sign that read “F*** ISIS”, which was said to incite hatred of Muslims. The judge may not realize it, but if he had upheld the police order, he would have been implicitly acknowledging that Islam and ISIS are essentially the same thing.
Thus the banning order might have been upheld if Tommy had displayed a banner with “F*** Islam” or something similar written on it. So today’s decision is hardly an indication that free speech has returned to the UK.
Tommy was able to win this victory because of his ability to hire effective legal counsel. This would not have been possible without the establishment of his legal fund, and the concerted drive for donations to it. 
Thanks to you, the readers of Gates of Vienna and other “Islamophobic” websites, Tommy had effective representation in court.
Today’s good news is a reminder of the importance of keeping the Tommy Robinson fund topped up. Every time the British establishment has another go at him, Tommy’s trustees are required to draw down the fund to pay his legal fees (a Q.C. in this case, if I’m not mistaken). I doubt HM government has given up on their attempts to suppress him, so this will be an ongoing process.
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