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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Britain "can benefit" from Sharia Law says new Prime Minister

"Conservatives" in Action!
The open borders Conservative Party 
licks the boots of Islam

(UK Express)  -  Incoming Prime Minister Theresa May has defended her position on Sharia Law on the eve of taking over as the leader of the Conservative party.

May sparked controversy when she spoke out in support of the Islamic courts operating in the country, telling the nation they could "benefit a great deal" from Sharia teachings.
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United Kingdom
The future Tory leader made the comments as she ordered a review into the system which are accused of ordering women to stay with abusive partners.
Mrs May, said she is worried the courts are "misused" and "exploited" to discriminate against Muslim women, but defended their place in society.
Sharia is Islam's legal system derived from both the Koran, Islam's central text, and fatwas - the rulings of Islamic scholars. 
There are thought to be around 100 Sharia Law courts operating throughout the UK, dispensing Islamic justice outside the remit of our own legal system. 
Judgements handed down by the informal courts have no legal basis, but there are fears their presence means many Muslim women are not getting access to the justice they deserve. 
Now, before she takes over Number 10, May has been forced to restate her position on Sharia Law.
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