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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Monday, July 18, 2016

Banning Muslim Immigration - Do Americans Have the Will Power?

19th century photo of Arab warriors. 
Muslims have been attacking Christians for 1,400 years.
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Why do we import people who hate us?
  • Corpses are piling up from Islamic terrorism all over the world from San Bernardino to Orlando to France to Russia to the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
  • But with bodies everywhere the insane open borders Democrats and Republicans fall all over themselves to import people who hate our religion, our culture and our freedom. But you are called a "racist" for daring to point out the obvious.

By Gary;

First of all, no one has THE RIGHT to move to Japan, Australia, Singapore or the United States just because they feel like it.

With that simple truth established, one has to ask why the U.S. and other Western nations want open borders and the importation of Muslims who hate everything about our culture and religion?

The Islamist slaughter of helpless peoples from New York to Paris to Baghdad to the Philippines is well known. You cannot screen immigrants for religious fervor any more than you cannot stop the conversion of so-called "normal" immigrants once they arrive.

It is not politically correct to say this, but Islam has hated every one around them for 1,400 years.

In my other Blog I recently discussed the 629 AD Muslim invasion of the Roman Empire.  All of North Africa, Palestine and Syria were Christian and Jewish.  These peoples were minding their own business and then the Muslims invaded. By the time Islam was finished with their genocide other religions had become virtually extinct.

This is ancient history you say?  Not at all.

These genocidal attacks continued until the present day.  In just the last century alone we saw the Armenian Genocide the Greek Genocide the Assyrian Genocide up the the modern Islamic Genocides in Europe, Africa and Asia. The Muslim attacks on non-believers never end.

With a track record of 1,400 years of bloody conquest our politicians still want to import large numbers of Muslims into the West.  Why?

The are only two reasons the liar hacks act as they do.

  • 1)  Either the politicians are totally clueless about the world around them and the history of Islamic terror or,
  • 2)  The politicians deliberately want to import Islamist terror in order to build a case for a centralized Big Brother Police State to "protect" us.

The politicians have their reasons.

The question of the day is do the people have the will power to force the politicians to close the borders?

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