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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wonder Woman & Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage

D.C. Comics Plays Catch-up to Marvel
From the better late than never department

By Gary;

D.C. Comics may have been first to the silver screen with Superman back in 1951 and 1978, but the company mostly dropped the ball on the franchise.

Batman was worthless as a character until the off the charts 1989 film with Jack Nicholson as the Joker.  The followup Batman films ranges from OK to crap until unbelievable classic of classics The Dark Knight.

Even with Marvel Comics films banking mountains of cash the people at D.C. could not manage to get their act together.  Wonder Woman and the Justice League were ignored.

The recent Batman vs Superman was respectable but needed a few edits. So there is hope for the franchise.

After waiting decades and decades here we finally have Wonder Woman and Justice League movies.

The trailer for the Wonder Woman film set in World War I has promise. 

It is interesting that even at this late date D.C. copies Captain America by having Wonder Woman fight Germans, pre-Nazi Germans, but Germans just the same. That should be expected seeing that Wonder Woman was created in December, 1941 as a female copy of Captain America created in March, 1941.

The Justice League trailer does not give us enough material yet to venture an opinion.

Be they disasters or classics, one thing for sure, this fanboy will be there.

Wonder Woman


Justice League

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