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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday Concert - John Denver

There is a place for head banging rock or classical music, but folk music will always rise to the top of my list. I love them all: The Kingston Trio, Simon and Garfunkel, Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot, Jimmy Buffett up to newer artists like Tracy Chapman and Suzanne Vega. But John Denver was always at the very top two or three of any list.
Denver began his music career in folk music groups in the late 1960s. Throughout his life, Denver recorded and released approximately 300 songs, about 200 of which he composed, with total sales of over 33 million.
He recorded and performed primarily with an acoustic guitar and sang about his joy in nature, his enthusiasm for music, and his relationship trials. Denver's music appeared on a variety of charts, including country and western, the Billboard Hot 100, and adult contemporary, in all earning him twelve gold and four platinum albums with his signature songs "Take Me Home, Country Roads", "Annie's Song", "Rocky Mountain High", "Thank God I'm a Country Boy", and "Sunshine on My Shoulders".  More . . . .

John Denver & Cass Elliot
"Leaving On A Jet Plane"

Take Me Home Country Roads

Rocky Mountain High

John Denver & Olivia Newton-John
Fly Away

Thank God I'm a Country Boy  -  (Live)
 Recorded on August 26, 1974 at Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, CA

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