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Friday, July 8, 2016

12 million U.S. jobs to be abolished by robots

Welcome to Eternal Poverty
  • The world economy is roaring to a tipping point where countless hundreds of millions of workers will be permanently replaced by robots, the Internet and computers.
  • Meanwhile the insane open borders GOP and Democrats want to import millions of new legal and illegal workers to drive the wages down on the few jobs that will be left.

(CNBC)  -  Developments in robotics and technology mean more and more white collar jobs are being automated and performed by machines, according to experts, who also predict that this automation could solve the productivity gap.
Estimates of the impact of robotic automation vary, but market research by Forrester forecasts that automation will replace 12 million jobs in the U.S. by 2025, according to its report published last month.
The jobs most likely to be disrupted by automation will be roles in customer service, office and administration, but other kinds of work will be created.

"The cognitive era will create new jobs, such as robot monitoring professionals, data scientists, automation specialists, and content curators," the report said.
"But the transformation of existing jobs resulting from reengineering a process to use cognitive support — such as turning low-value data entry work to higher-level analyst or customer-oriented roles — will be even more dramatic."
The reason clerical roles will be replaced is because they are highly repetitive and involve processes which are easy to replicate by machine, according to Neil Kinson, chief of staff at robotics firm Redwood Software, which automates back office and administrative processes in finance, supply chain and human resources.
"There was a very well publicized report by Oxford University that ranks your job relative to its likelihood to be automated by 2020," he told CNBC in a phone interview. "Top of the list of those jobs was highly repetitive clerical-type activities.
"Anything that is highly repetitive, that follows a repetitive role and uses some kind of technology, can be automated," he added.
Several companies are already incorporating robotic processes. For instance, Telefónica's O2 business has automated 15 core business processes such as credit checks and order processing using "software robots" developed by Blue Prism, a U.K.-based automation firm. The robots perform the equivalent workload of nearly 100 full-time employees, according to Blue Prism.
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A Scarlett Johansson
Sex-Bot or Terminator?

A Chinese inventor created his own Scarlett Johansson robot. Somehow I doubt he wants to have deep conversations with the robot on movies and philosophy.
Still if these robots are going to morph into Terminators I would rather be offed by Scarlett than Arnold.


Man Builds Scarlett Johansson Robot

Poverty forever and ever
The median net worth of families in the United States was $137, 955 in 2007. Today, it is just $82,756.
The population is increasing, but the number of jobs is crashing due to the Internet, robotics and outsourcing. A tipping point will be reached where tax income to government tanks because there are not enough taxpayers. The economy will sink as people with jobs to buy products vanish.
In addition there will be massive social unrest as tens of millions of people have nothing to look forward to except getting their EBT card reloaded.



The future is here, and it’s filled with robot strippers!

We wring our hands and stroke our beards thoughtfully at the specter of widespread mechanization and robotization acting as a powerful drag on employment figures, as increasingly, blue-collar jobs are being taken over by robots, and corporations are only too eager to accelerate that process along. But I don’t think anyone had supposed that strippers were among the threatened population.


Gary said...

White collar jobs too. The independent middle class land and business owner will become a chapter in a history book.

We are moving to a new "Feudalism" where the massive permanent class of poor gather around and protect their lords to save them from starvation.