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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Paul Ryan promises an endless supply of cheap labor for business

Open Borders - Thank You GOP

  • There is a reason Donald Trump exists - The Republican Party is filled with open borders liars and whores. The GOP represents their Masters on Wall Street, not the people of the U.S.
  • The question of the day is will Republican voters defeat Ryan in the August primary.

(Breitbart)  -  House Speaker Paul Ryan last night promised to create a “21st Century” immigration system that lets employers hire an endless supply of cheap foreign workers instead of paying marketplace wages to American employees or to young Americans entering the labor force.

The wage-cutting, salary-slashing promise was delivered, half buried, in a “Town Hall” meeting conducted with Paul Ryan by CNN’s Jake Tapper.
“We need to have an immigration system that is wired for what our economy needs … so let’s find out where those gaps in our labor markets are and have our immigration system wired for that,” Ryan said.
By offering foreign workers to fill so-called “gaps” in the labor market, Ryan would give employers a huge gift — the ability to hire foreign workers whenever American employees or young job-seekers ask for higher wages, and without ever having to train any Americans to take higher-tech, higher-wage jobs. That’s a huge giveaway to employers and to Wall Street, where stock prices rise when wages drop.
Workers haven’t gained wage increases from marketplace pressure since the late 1990s, partly because the federal government imports roughly one new legal or illegal foreign worker for every three Americans who join the labor market each year. Roughly 4 million Americans turn 18 each year and compete for jobs against roughly 1 million new legal immigrants, plus several hundred thousand new illegals, plus 700,000 new white-collar and blue-collar temporary guest workers.
In his town hall meeting, Ryan said he opposed Trump’s plans to repatriate the roughly 11 million illegal migrants, and then said he would favor some form of staged amnesty for the illegals. “Those [illegal immigrant] people who need to get right with the law … so that they can get a work permit, a work permit to work,” Paul Ryan said.
“That to me is more of an approach that works, it makes sense, and it will — it won’t require a roundup or mass deportation, which I just don’t think is a good idea,” said Ryan, who is strongly backed by U.S. business groups.
The population of at least 11 million illegal migrants includes at least 8 million workers who compete for jobs with Americans and who drive down wages.
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