"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trump wins, but can he save the GOP from itself?

Can Trump Change the GOP
into a Populist Party?
Even now the bought and paid for Cruz-Rubio-Bush 
Elites work to defeat Trump and keep open 
borders Wall Street interests in charge.

By Gary;

The Donald has now won the GOP nomination. Can he change the open borders, big government loving, anti-military Republican Party into a Populist Party that actually represents voters?

I have to say no!  Nothing will change.

To bottom line it, Congress is bought and paid for by billions in special interest campaign dollars.

Whatever The Donald manages to do on corrupt trade agreements or closing the borders is positive, but the special interests own both parties. They will simply wait out a Trump term in office and then it will be back to business as usual.

Unless there is real election reform nothing will change over the long term.

The GOP likes to beat their chests and pretend to be pro-military but it is a lie. Since 1995 the GOP has controlled Congress for 17 out of 21 years.

Congress votes the cash. If the VA hospitals are crap and the armed forces gutted just ask the GOP why they are voting for money for illegal aliens and not for our armed forces.
Both parties are bribed by
billions in campaign dollars

Open Borders 
Again, the Congress votes the cash and can build a wall at will, secure airport entry and end the flow of millions of new legal workers that lowers wages.

So why is our border wide, wide open?

Money talks and the GOP obeys the orders of the open borders interests that fund their campaigns, not the will of the voters.

Exporting Jobs 
Trump may be able to stop the job-killing corrupt Obamatrade TPP agreement.  That would be a major victory.  But would that victory last beyond a Trump term?  Doubtful.

The multi-national corporations want to ship millions of American middle class jobs to places like Communist China and Communist Vietnam.  The Oligarchs pay off the Communist leadership to keep wages low and labor unions illegal. Pocketing all that profit is a powerful force. The pressure to abolish U.S. jobs will outlast Trump.

If Trump does what he says then we have a chance to slow the internal rot that is breaking down our society and economy.

But consider this scary thought.

Other than Trump, of all those GOP candidate for President only Governor Mike Huckabee expressed any reservations at all on open borders Obamatrade and job loss.  The other Republicans were falling all over themselves to export jobs in the name of "free trade".

Trump can make some changes, but on most issues that matter he will be opposed by both parties who are bought and paid for by open borders interests. 

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