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Thursday, July 21, 2016

“Open borders blood money” funds Paul Ryan ads

Just Another Open Borders Republican
Will GOP voters reject Ryan or will they lick the boots of their open borders Masters on Wall Street?

(Breitbart)  -  At a press conference held in front of Kenosha News, Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen demanded that House Speaker Paul Ryan take down his deceptive Wisconsin TV ads, in which Ryan claims he’s trying to keep Islamic terrorists from entering the country.

Nehlen blasted Paul Ryan for using “open borders blood money” from his globalist donors to fund the ad, which seemed designed to “dupe” Wisconsin voters into thinking that Ryan wants to curb Muslim migration.
“I’m here today to discuss Paul Ryan’s latest lie to the people of Wisconsin on behalf of furthering the interests of his donors,” Nehlen said to reporters from one of the biggest newspapers in Wisconsin’s first congressional district. “[Ryan’s] ad is a dishonest disgrace. It flies in the face of everything Ryan has done throughout his lifelong career in Washington. I am here today to call on Ryan to take the TV ad down immediately.”
Nehlen explained that far from working to keep Islamic terrorists out of the country, Ryan voted to expand Islamic migration into the United States. Ryan voted to fund visas for nearly 300,000 permanent and temporary Muslim migrants in a single year.
Nehlen said that Ryan’s decision to “lie” to Wisconsin voters with his new ad is indicative of the disdain Ryan and his donors have for Wisconsin voters.
“This 30-second TV ad embodies exactly what Paul Ryan thinks of his Wisconsin constituents. He thinks you’re stupid,” Nehlen said. “He thinks he can betray us time and time again, and we will never catch on. He and his donors share a chuckle at our expense as they spend millions crafting ads to dupe us into re-installing a Congressman who will go right back to Washington and sell out our country and sell out our children’s futures.”
Nehlen said that Ryan’s “dishonest” ads are being paid for by his “open borders blood money”:
Reports show that Paul Ryan has nearly $10 million cash on hand to spend on trying to dupe Wisconsin voters. Last week, Ryan had the audacity to send out mailers trying to pretend that he actually cares about securing our border.
Make no mistake about it, these ads are funded by Paul Ryan’s open borders blood money. This is the money his donors pour into his campaign as an expression of gratitude for the decades he’s spent trying to dissolve our borders at their requests.
Paul Ryan’s open borders blood money is now funding his hawkish border security ads.
“I am here today to call on Paul Ryan to take the TV ad down immediately. I am here to tell Paul Ryan to stop the lies,” Nehlen added. “The only thing more disturbing than Paul Ryan’s refusal to secure the border is the extent to which he’s comfortable lying about it to his constituents.”
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Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District being 
misrepresented by open borders Paul Ryan.

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