"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thank You All and 2017 in Review

That was a Hell of a Year
Since 2011 we have published 7,759 stories
with nearly 4 million page views

By Gary;

I can't thank all of you enough to coming by The Federalist Blog all these years.

I am still shocked by the growth of this little hobby Blog of mine.

The Federalist was started way back in May, 2011.  I had this crazy idea of trying to cover the news from a Constitutional Federalist point of view . . . a point of view that has become nearly extinct in the modern American political system that worships Big Brother more than George Washington.

This is not The Drudge Report with its billions of page views. This is only a little hobby Blog of mine to scream out to an often deaf world the ideas of Constitutional Liberty.

I figured that few would care and even fewer would come back a second time.  I was wrong.

Back in May, 2011 we stared with a "massive" 834 page views for the month. But even that number staggered me considering the rather primitive nature of the site.

By July, 2011 we had jumped up to 5,413 page views for the month. By February, 2012 we had shot up to 27,220 page views. We have only grown from there.

In August, 2017 we hit another high reaching 173,345 page views for the month.

For the growth of this Blog thank yous go to Comrade Obama and the open borders big government loving Republican Party. Without both of these bands of loons I would not have a fraction of the material I need to publish.

2017 - The Year From Hell
An open alliance between Leftists and
the GOP to destroy Trump Nationalism

The election year of 2016 was bad. We saw virtually the entire "Conservative" Republican Party either sit on their hands or openly root for the corrupt Hildabeast. Only the rank and file Conservatives wanted Trump.

January 20th proved nothing changed. This last year we saw a battle between the few Trump Nationalists out there against an alliance of the corrupt open borders Oligarchs of the GOP and Leftist Democrats.

From day one the GOP run Congress deliberately held endless Russia hearings in attempts to entrap and jail Trump, his family and his supporters.

But it gets worse. All year we saw Traitor Republicans protect Mueller's corrupt investigation that gets its marching orders direct from the DNC.

Judge Jeanine Pirro said there is a "subtle Republican plot" to bring down Trump and install another establishment Republican president similar to George Bush or like warmonger Sen. John McCain. Personally I don't think the plot is all that subtle. GOP officeholders openly piss on our President and his Nationalist supporters at every opportunity.

There was one ray of hope in 2017. The GOP was finally shamed into acting on taxes after dragging their feet kicking and screaming all year on issue after issue.
So where do we go from here? 

I don't know. All I do know is the madness of man never ends. The Donald will try to bring some sanity back to government only to be opposed by "Conservative friends" and Leftist enemies alike.

What I do promise is to be there for our readers and speak up for Freedom and American Nationalism.


Cabbage Stack said...

Couple of things you forgot: IN YOUR PORTAIT OF THOMAS MIFFLIN ---> "Thomas Mifflin, Federalist". Yes... BUT.... he negligently caused the deaths of almost 1000 soldiers at Valley Forge indirectly. Due to his ignorance, INCOMPETENCE, dereliction of duty, and apathy. Not to mention he was a principle agent in the scheme to replace Washington with Horatio Gates (Gates was basically a coward - it was Arnold that led the troops at Saratoga, not Gates. Gates was in the background as usual. Gates' performance therafter in the War sucked). REMEMBER THESE THINGS !!

Gary said...

Thanks for the info. Limited space. Can't do full bios of people.