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Monday, December 4, 2017

Iran is like Nazi Germany in its "ruthless commitment to murder Jews" – Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister went on another fiery tirade against Iran, comparing the Islamic Republic with Hitler’s Germany, claiming both shared the goal to exterminate all Jews.

“Obviously, there are some differences between the Nazi Germany and Islamic Republic of Iran,” Benjamin Netanyahu generously allowed, “but both regimes do have two important things in common: one, a ruthless commitment to impose tyranny and terror, and second, a ruthless commitment to murder Jews,” he claimed in a video message, filmed for the Saban Forum, a conference on the US policy in the Middle East, that kicked off in Washington on Sunday.

The Israeli leader has recently ratcheted up his angry rhetoric towards Iran, repeatedly accusing it of gaining a military foothold in Syria to attack Israel and vowing to “act alone” to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

A short clip from the video was released Saturday, hours after a missile allegedly fired by Israel struck the countryside near Damascus. Syria’s state media reported the missiles hit a military site, causing material damage. However, some other news sources reported that the missiles targeted an Iranian military base, allegedly being built in the area.  

Netanyahu justified his incessant focus on Iran, saying that he cannot afford the “luxury of discounting their genocidal threats of the express purpose to eradicate our state.”

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ANot All Religions are Created Equal
(Times of Israel)  -  Sure, the horrific series of terror attacks that rocked France last week could have been carried out by Islamist terrorists.

But, if you are at least one member of Paris’s French-Algerian community, it could have been the work of “magical shape-shifting Jews."

A Daily Beast reporter told MSNBC that she had received that explanation while surveying people about the attacks that left 17 people dead, including four Jewish men, in Paris’s immigrant sections.

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