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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Matt Drudge: 'What is the punishment when the FBI lies to us?'

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Latin for 
"Who watches the Watchmen?"

  • What do you do when those charged with the defense of the Republic are the very ones trying to destroy the Republic?

(Washington Examiner)  -  Matt Drudge, editor and founder of the Internet news powerhouse Drudge Report, put the special counsel probe on notice Saturday.
In a flurry of tweets, stark against an otherwise empty Twitter page (Drudge has a habit of deleting his prior tweets), the influential but reclusive conservative figure painted Robert Mueller and his Russia inquiry team as a farce.
"Mueller’s secretive grand jury made up of residence from DC, where 91% voted for Hillary...," he began, referring to the grand jury Mueller put together to investigate possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

Drudge's brief Twitter rant then referred to a story reported by the Washington Examiner, about how Rep. Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is threatening contempt of Congress in response to the FBI and Department of Justice keeping the committee in the dark over why Mueller kicked a key supervising FBI agent off the Trump-Russia investigation amid concerns of anti-Trump bias.
"We know what happens when one lies to the FBI," Drudge said. "But what is the punishment when the FBI lies to us?"
Turning his sights to former President Barack Obama, who is travelling around the world, meeting leaders in France, India, and China, Drudge brought up the archaic law that could mean trouble for Flynn.
"Is citizen Obama violating the 'Logan act' when he lobbies foreign governments and world leaders against America’s current foreign policy?", Drudge queried.
There has been chatter about Flynn possibly violating the Logan Act for talking with the Russian ambassador about sanctions while he was a private citizen during the presidential transition period. However, the grounds for what the 1799 law dictates would be a felony are untested as it has never been enforced.
Drudge ended his Twitter train of thought musing on how Mueller will "eventually" interview Trump himself and that the "spectacle" should be "broadcast live" — an idea he has floated in the past.

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