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Monday, December 11, 2017

"White Privilege" Bracelets Handed Out To Students

More Anti-White Racism

  • I can tell Leftist scum that no Magic White Privilege took my tests for me in school or earned my paychecks for me. It came from hard, hard work.
  • Also in the 1980s I was an early victim of anti-white racism by a Hispanic supervisor at work. That caused me to go into business for myself where you have no one to blame except the guy in the mirror.

California State Fullerton hosted an event this week that invited students to construct a bracelet containing beads indicating their various forms of “privilege.”
According to a story from the school’s student newspaper, the bracelet initiative was an exercise designed to spark conversations about privilege and oppression between members of the community.
Students were asked to answer questions about themselves, and if an answer applied to them, they would add a bead to their bracelet.
Each station had different colored beads, including pinks, purples, blues and oranges, that represented a different aspect of identity like gender or race.
LGBT Queer Resource Center Program Director Chris Datiles said by having students make bracelets as a part of the workshop, it would spark conversations about privilege and oppression among their friends, family and across campus.
Student Mary Brown said that the event helped her peers acknowledges they had by the construction of the bracelet. “It’s interesting that you walk through life trying to survive, and you don’t realize why things are the way they are is because you have the privileges,” Brown said.
Brown then argued that her white privilege should not overshadow her other experiences. “Race can’t define me,” Brown she added. “It will always be a part of me but it’s not who I am completely. There’s more to the story; there’s more beads on the bracelet.”
The event, which was entitled “privilege beads,” was hosted by the public university’s LGBT Queer Resource Center.
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Anonymous said...

pretty insane ...

Anonymous said...

In the late 70's I was out of school (degree) experienced (summer hires in the field I was trying to get hired in) and could not seem to get hired. This was in the middle of "affirmative action".. when there WAS a quota system... Companies HAD to hire a certain percentage of minorities, or face Government action. Guess what... I was white.. they really could not hire me BECAUSE of my race. YEARS later I did actually get hired (I was actually told by HR the reason for my NOT being hired earlier was BECAUSE of the "quota". I then worked with folks with more seniority, less education and experience and some as dumb as a post WHO got promoted based on seniority and yes race. Can somebody please figure out the DOLLAR amount I lost BECAUSE I was white? And the seniority (pension plan) dollar amount I am not receiving? (and you can take that amount off the payment to ALL the slaves I have owned for reparation)..

Anonymous said...

still ... pretty insane