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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Dr. Death invents ‘sleek & elegant’ 3D-printed suicide machine

Killing Yourself For 
The Good of The World

The inventor of a futuristic-looking suicide machine claims that anyone wishing to “peacefully” end their life will be able to do so "elegantly" by simply pressing a button. The death capsule can be 3D-printed and assembled anywhere in the world, with designs promising to be open access.

Named Sarco, the machine resembles a spaceship. But instead of an intergalactic journey, it will be taking its ‘passengers’ on a trip “to the next plane of existence,” according to Philip Nitschke, who came up with the idea along with an engineer Alexander Bannik. Their invention offers a peaceful and “I would even say an elegant death, Nitschke was quoted as saying. 

Sarco does not use any restricted drugs, or require any special expertise such as the insertion of an intravenous needle,” says Nitschke, a former physician. Having assisted four people in ending their lives while euthanasia was legal for a short while in Australia’s Northern Territory in 1996, Nitschke became the first doctor in the world to administer a legal, lethal injection. Nitschke then founded Exit International, an NGO advocating for the legalization of assisted suicides.

The Sarco comprises a base, containing canisters of liquid nitrogen, and a capsule with a reclining couch and a touch-pad inside. Anyone wishing to use the deadly machine will have to pass a mental questionnaire online to get a four-digit code to enter the capsule. A person using it will be asked once again if they want to die as they get inside Sarco. Once activated by the click of a button, voice recognition or eye-movement, the capsule will fill with nitrogen, rapidly dropping the oxygen level.

“Within a minute, oxygen levels have dropped to a point where there is an inevitable loss of consciousness, followed by a peaceful hypoxia death,” the Australian reported, citing the notes accompanying the invention. 

The capsule can then be detached and used as a coffin, while the base is reusable. Both compartments can be created on a 3D printer in any corner of the world, with the blueprints said to be made free and placed on the internet. Sarco’s creators estimate the printing cost to be around $1,200.

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Anonymous said...

bonkers ...
pod for lonesome terror affiliates

Anonymous said...

it looks like a hype scooter or a fashion house cleeaner

Anonymous said...

So.. its "painless" and cheap.... WHY arent we buying these to execute prisoners on "death-row"? (since at least here in NV, they have prevented executions because the drugs MIGHT cause some discomfort)

Anonymous said...

NV are thinking on another way
looking to border states on the weed business ...
neverdeless those ancient habits are to end ... inhumane ones
the world are going bonkers , really insane