"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Middle East Cauldron Heated up by Trump

Self Inflicted
Wounds Are The Worst
A major fuck up by Trump
that could start another war

  • With ISIS going down to defeat the Middle East was looking forward a period of peace and rebuilding . . . and then along comes Trump throwing red meat at the insane Islamists by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
  • I am a huge Trump supporter, but this is a self inflicted act of stupidity that no one needs.

(Daily Mail)  -  President Donald Trump set off protests throughout the Middle East on Wednesday as he announced that America formally recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital city.

He changed decades of U.S. policy in a brief afternoon speech and cast the move as a bid to preserve, not derail, aspirations for regional peace.

In Gaza thousands flooded the streets and burned U.S. flags. Palestinian secular and Islamist factions called a general strike on Thursday after tens of thousands took to the streets on Wednesday night. 

Israeli security forces braced for possible violence for days to come and the U.S. embassy in Jordan was effectively locked down.

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reversing watergate said...

Trump ... the hidden mole by the International Crime Syndicate

riverrider said...

russia did the same in april, no histrionics then so p.l.o. et al can go pound sand. you can't placate those people, they just look for another excuse to riot. it makes no dif what we do, they still hate us and always will. so i say do what we will to support allies, the rest can get over it or not. you can't live scared of every little threat.

reversing watergate said...

the move of Trump is so stupid that ... one cleaver one ... can only realize that a Big World Conspiracy put him on the House to create the US downfall as the one and only western power ... still capable to hit back on barbarians ... cause others lack the will , and don`t care about the means ... they all wusses ... that try to cope with the Dark Hidden powers on Earth ... monstly crime related ones ...
shame as democracy is a hoax to ...
only words that mean nothing as such what matters is who got the real power ... far from the people

Anonymous said...

I support Israel 100%.. HOWEVER... this is just plain dumb. First... The Capitol should be as FAR away from the Arabs (and their missiles) as humanly possible. Jerusalem should be a HOLY city.. (and politics are anything but "holy" ....

reversing watergate said...

dumb on purpose ...
neverdeless the move means nothing
US is not as so important anymore
other powers on earth ...if not democratic ones ... are risen
a Dark Age is coming along