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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Dogs in LA Shelters Could Be Going Vegan

Only in the People's Republic of California

(Los Angeles Magazine)  -  There might soon be 33,000 more vegans living in L.A.—the canine residents of animal shelters operated by the Los Angeles City Board of Animal Services. A proposal before that board’s commissioners would switch the dogs to an all plant-based diet.

Right now, dogs in city shelters nosh on a commercial chow, Canidae Life Stages. It has a mix of ingredients including lamb, turkey, and chicken fat, along with rice and grains. That kibble costs the city 87 cents per pound, and the only all-vegan option currently sold by the city’s approved vendor could run four times that price . . . 

What’s the motivation to swap for a plant-based option? Advocates claim that, in addition to the macro-level environmental benefits of inching toward less commercial meat production, there could also be health benefits for the dogs themselves.

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Anonymous said...

weird cali ideias

Cabbage Stack said...

LA California ---- not smart enough to realize dogs did not evolve eating strictly vegetables....Probably dumb enough to force this upon cats too, which are obligate carnivores (although dogs are not, strictly speaking). Figures...only in that dummass [sic] State. Jeeze...I'm so glad they live 1000 miles from me. reetards [sic].

Anonymous said...

well ... maybe not , i saw a tv report on people vegan that give vegan food to dogs ... and they eat that
maybe they found that sap ... but i saw the dogs eating that . i really did
carrots , rice and else