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Thursday, December 21, 2017

It's a Miracle - The GOP actually did something

Definition of Schizophrenia

1medical a mental disorder that is characterized by disturbances in thought (such as delusions), perception (such as hallucinations), and behavior (such as disorganized speech or catatonic behavior), by a loss of emotional responsiveness and extreme apathy, and by noticeable deterioration in the level of functioning in everyday life  called also dementia praecox

It's a Miracle
The GOP elephant overcame schizophrenia
and actually did something

By Gary;

It was a pleasure to see a mentally ill relative (the GOP) recover slightly from his illness long enough to pass tax cuts.

But I do have to say the GOP's schizophrenia has not gone away.  In many respects the disease is worse than ever.

The tax cuts happened for one reason only: Donald Trump.

The Republicans controlled both houses under Comrade Obama and failed to pass any tax reform bill of any kind. Even when Trump was elected the "Conservative" GOP dragged their feet all year. The party was far more interested in investigating Trump and Russia than dealing with Obamacare, taxes and immigration.

Trump backed by the independent Internet media had to shame Republicans into getting off their asses to do something, anything.

A bad sign is the tax cuts for corporations are permanent while the middle class tax cuts expire. That tells you who pulls the strings of GOP Senators and Congressmen.

The GOP may be confused to the point of mental illness, but at least they are not Marxists. The Leftist scum Democrats showed their true colors when not one single Commie Congressman voted to reduce taxes. They believe that any money you make belongs to the all-powerful State.

A Leftist Republican Party

The screwball, open borders GOP has redeemed themselves slightly in my eyes. . . . slightly.

But the party and what passes for "Conservatism" has a long, long way to go.

  • The "Conservative" GOP has still never cut big government spending by even one single penny. Not a cent.
  • Every Big Government program passed by Leftists from FDR on is still in place. The programs are not only protected by the Republicans but also fully funded year after year by GOP controlled Congresses.
  • The "Conservative" GOP openly pisses on the Bill of Rights with endless 1984 Big Brother Police State spying on every American.
  • The party backs endless unconstitutional wars all over the planet.
  • The party hid Obamatrade from the public in a giant FUCK YOU to the Constitution and the people.
  • The open borders GOP still wants almost unlimited immigration to drive down wages.

Indeed the GOP has failings, lots of failings, but myself and others will be here on the still free Internet trying to hold the party's feet to the fire and make them move closer to freedom.

But for now we have tax cuts.

The nearly extinct GOP elephant has
not been seen much since Ronald Reagan.


Anonymous said...

tax cuts help everybody
the have ones from extreme right to extreme left , from the law abide , and the outlaw
so the International Cryme Syndicate approve "puppet Trump" fiscal planning

on that thing to stop , what that bring drugs to the US , or terror affiliattes ?



Anonymous said...

i know one of those shizos
big time