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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Now Dog "Gender Re-assignment Surgery"

People Have Way Too Much
Time on Their Hands

  • We spend $$$$ on dog gender re-assignment surgery while human children go without food or medical care.

(Daily Caller)  -  An English woman claimed that her dog underwent gender reassignment surgery because she was “an intersex dog,” The Guardian reported Friday.
Mary Finlay adopted her Jack Russell Terrier, Molly, in 2015. While the dog seemed completely normal and had “feminine-looking” features upon adoption, Finlay began noticing issues when the dog appeared to feel uncomfortable when sitting down and exhibited characteristic male behavior by cocking her leg to pee.
“Molly started to behave more like a male dog, mounting cushions and soft toys, although this often left her sore and unhappy. When she was six months old, we took her back to the vet, where a senior practitioner, Ross Allan, examined her,” Finlay said. “X-rays and other tests confirmed his suspicions – Molly was an intersex dog. In fact, she was most likely genetically male, meaning she was a male pseudohermaphrodite. She had a small vestigial penis within what looked like a female vulva and testicles inside her abdomen that hadn’t descended.”
The dog’s condition was a rare case that affects approximately 6,800 dogs, causing great physical discomfort and raising the risk of cancer.
Finlay decided to let the dog undergo the operation, calling it “gender reassignment surgery” because her male genitalia were removed, due to the risks of them becoming cancerous.
“She’s a cheeky little dog, full of character,” Finlay said. “She’s still unmistakably our Molly, whatever her genetic makeup.”
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