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Sunday, July 23, 2017

USS Gerald Ford - $13 Billion in Scrap Metal

The Joint Chiefs of Staff at their regular monthly meeting

The U.S. Navy is a Joke
15 years to build ONE aircraft carrier
Trump commissions a worthless ship

  • 15 fucking years!!!!!  America's part in World War II only lasted 3 and 1/2 years!!!  And we spend 15 years building one ship.
  • Construction began on the USS Gerald Ford August, 2005. The projected date (who knows the real date) for the Ford to be deployed is 2020. 

(Popular Mechanics)  -  The problem is that supercarriers are growing unaffordable. The only supercarrier built in the last decade, USS Gerald R. Ford, is two years behind schedule, cost nearly $13 billion, was 22 percent over budget, and incurred $4.7 billion in research and development costs. While the next carrier, John F. Kennedy won't incur as much in R&D costs, the Navy's own estimate pegs it at $11.4 billion with the General Accounting Office saying that number will likely be exceeded.

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Kamikaze Attacks
Primitive World War II technology sunk carriers.
Just imagine the effect of modern missile technology.

Kamikaze + Aircraft Carrier = Sunk
A total of 57 ships were sunk by Japanese kamikazes including 3 aircraft carriers and 14 destroyers.  Some 368 other ships were damaged.  About 4,900 sailors were killed and over 4,800 wounded.
All this was done with ancient World War II era technology.  But for some insane reason we continue to build super expensive WWII style carriers in an age of ultra powerful high-tech missiles.

USS Gerald Ford
$13 Billion in Scrap Metal

Spending billions on World War II technology.
Congress spends insane amounts of money to fund boondoggle spending projects like the USS Gerald Ford.  The price tag for the USS Gerald Ford is now at $13 billion, it is 22% over budget.  The fact of the matter is modern technology can sink it in minutes..

Basically the modern surface navy is dead. Surface ships are billion dollar expensive targets for cheap missiles. Undersea craft are the only ships that have a level of protection from missiles. 

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Anonymous said...

Funny . CNN does not think so . They got a web piece on that , as the next Big Navy Thing .
Look ... all the earth powers that want to "project" theyre might , and influence got carriers ships , even that tinny rusty russian one , that we saw in Med Club near Syria ...
France got one ...
China one or two ...
I wonder how America still got a fine open water fleet , on "debt china Money on US Treasury purchase bonds "
Someday to pay that , this Gerald Ford one , might be handled on China creditors , and be called Dens Xiaoping , or sometinhg like that ...
Don`t you found ways to create wealth , homemade , of you go FUBAR big time ...