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Monday, July 24, 2017

Libs want to "segregate" students uncomfortable with transgender bathrooms

Now Libs Love Segregation

(Daily Caller)  -  The Minnesota Department of Education approved a transgender guide earlier this week that suggests segregating students who are uncomfortable with transgender bathrooms.
The transgender toolkit, approved by an advisory council for the state’s education department, offers Minnesota schools suggestions on how to accommodate transgender and gender non-conforming students, reports KSTOP.
The resource guide emphasizes ensuring that trans students can use the bathroom that matches their gender identity and encourages schools to make sure these students aren’t “stigmatized,” a suggestion that comes at the price of the comfort of other students.
“Schools should work with transgender and gender nonconforming students to ensure that they are able to access needed facilities in a manner that is safe, consistent with their gender identity and does not stigmatize them,” the resource guide reads.
The toolkit suggests that schools “segregate” students who might be uncomfortable sharing a bathroom with a fellow trans or gender non-conforming students.

“Privacy objections raised by a student in interacting with a transgender or gender nonconforming student may be addressed by segregating the student raising the objection provided that the action of the school officials does not result in stigmatizing the transgender and gender nonconforming student,” the toolkit reads.
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