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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Liars in Washington Claim Russia is a Threat

VDV, Russian Airborne Troops

NATO Waves the Russian Flag
to Frighten the Sheeple

(Newsweek)  -  Russia’s military capabilities are expanding across Europe, but the top military chief of Western defense pact NATO has said Moscow’s plans remain ambiguous amid a heavily politicized atmosphere between the two leading forces.
General Petr Pavel, a Czech army officer who holds the position of chairman of NATO’s Military Committee, said Monday that Russia was advancing in its nuclear and ballistic capabilities as well as in its capacity to send troops across the region, where Moscow and U.S.-led NATO are competing for influence. 
The two factions have accused one another of crossing lines both figuratively and literally, by effectively launching an arms race, especially along the increasingly militarized borders of the Baltic States. Amid these dueling accusations, however, Pavel said that NATO could not conclusively consider Russia’s military buildup in recent years an act of aggression against NATO and its Western allies.
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Total Bullshit Alert

The warmongers in Europe and America want to frighten the mouth-breathing Sheeple with horror stories about an evil and aggressive Russia.  With attention focused on "evil" Russia the Sheeple will ignore open borders and increasing poverty as middle class jobs are shipped to Asia and Latin America.

As the chart below shows, Russia is spending just a little bit more on defense than France.  When you add in all the other NATO members and throw in the USA, Russia's military spending is small.

On the other hand, maybe Russia is a threat

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Anonymous said...

Russia is playing the old "byzantine game" of deception , to win "wars" in many chessboards , withour a real fight ... and eford
Sure she is a threat , cause Russia is bound to think she got more to win doing diferent , playing themselve as a non western civilized country .
Shes cozy with , rogue non democratic regimes , terror organizations, cyberattacks fronts, imperial fascist regimes , cleptocrat dictator rulers , and so on ...
Only to save power to Putin and the oligarcs that are around him .
On that goal they got the " collaboration" by many ancient western communists , and extreme leftists, that got a more deep hate on their fellow countrymen , than for fascist Russia .
Take that and processed acordingly .

Anonymous said...

Ordinary russians , otherwise, know real well , on what side they wich to join .

Anonymous said...

They meet today , and they seem to get along very well . Even in opposite side , they must talk on world affairs.