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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Eternal Poverty - 50% of jobs to be abolished

Permanent Great Depression

  • President Trump is trying to create jobs, but technology is abolishing jobs faster than they can be created.
  • While jobs are being abolished by the millions we see our open borders politicians continue to import wave after wave of cheap foreign labor.

(CBS News)  -  Ball State University sits in Muncie, Indiana, at the heart the "Rust Belt," so educators there have the right to be pessimistic about the drift of the U.S. economy. But a report by the school's Center for Business and Economic Research goes even further.
"We found a toxic brew," said CBER Director Michael Hicks. "Automation is likely to replace half of all low-skilled jobs, and roughly one in four of all American jobs are at risk from foreign competition in coming years."
This is happening right on Hicks's doorstep. While the nation's most vulnerable area is the Aleutian Islands, some of the hardest hit places are likely to be Midwestern counties only 15 minutes from his office.
Military Terminators
The government knows vanishing jobs will create massive social unrest. Military Terminators are not being built to "protect" us from evil foreigners. They are being built to protect the American Elites from their own poverty stricken population that has no hope of meaningful employment.

These areas face a downward spiral fed by shrinking job opportunities and the severe damage that can have on entire communities. As people lose their ability to make a living, they lose their resilience to bounce back, get retrained and transition to other careers. 

There are fewer new jobs in the entire region, so the surrounding communities also grow poorer. Many residents find it necessary to move, which not only disrupts their families, but their children's education as well, undermining their chances of advancement.

While the nation has largely recovered from the 2008 recession, the disparities between rich coastal areas and poor Midwestern ones remains. For example, during the recession Montgomery County, Maryland saw its unemployment rate reach 6 percent, while in Elkhart, Indiana, it soared to 20 percent. The relative decline in joblessness since the recession hasn't changed the basic equation. 

According to the study, these include so-called STEM, or science, technology, engineering and math, jobs, such as computer programming, data entry, electrical and electronic drafting, and computer and information research. 

Among the occupations most likely to be disrupted by automation in the years ahead are some people in the mathematical sciences, such as math technicians, who typically work on engineering projects or are involved in scientific research. Technology also threatens to make insurance underwriters obsolete. 

"Considerable labor market turbulence is likely in the coming generation," Hicks said. And with a note of sarcasm, he added, "If you liked the economy over the last 15 years, you'll really like the next 15 years, too."

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Anonymous said...

Theres a contradition between robotic work , jobs abolished , and democracy .
Humans vote , not robots , so politicians , and the upper pessonovantes from the economic world power , need their votes to legitimize , the image of living in a democracy .
So as they need votes , they need to "buy them off " .So as regular work families , scarce , theres a need to "enslave them" on decrepitude , like take down any wish of freedom , or self-determination . So the need to give them free universal health care , or free education , trading that on votes .
As they are scarce on jobs , some try to "buy them off" with social security handouts , as Europe socialist , i mean western europe , since the 70`s , and 80`s .
Other are thinking going far from that even .Like to handle a Universal Handout Income . So they became spenders for the "whole economics will work full cicle .
So , the question is : WHO WOULD PAY FOR THAT SURREAL 1984 WORLD , AND WHY ? .
The obvious answer : all the dictators from the world , in countries that people got no freedom , no democracy , only third world conditions , and a first world hunger for stupid gadgets , luxury goods , and exquisite food ... and the organize crime syndicate that run westerner democracies , and control the politicians .
The world is like a jungle , in with , only the top predators rules.