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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

EXPOSED: Child “Refugees” Are Actually Adults

Quote from the Mayor of Palermo.

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Open Borders Europe.  
Italy is slowly and deliberately being turned 
Muslim by European politicians.

Open Borders Italy


Anonymous said...

No wonder.
As in the last migration on germany , most were young males .
Sometimes those are the most able to do it . Even in the Libyan to Italy boat link on migrants too.
Most parents send then in up front , or they go on their own .
Europe had a few less "dreamers" than America , cause is more easy to go to south mexico on train , to the us border , and cross .
Italy is fuc*** u* as a nation , as Orianna Fallacci told us all a few yeras ago .
Let wait , for the clash .

Anonymous said...

As SubSaharan Africa plenty of wealth on mineral resources , " being taken by undemocratic oligarch rulers , and despots ... and fascist regimes from outside " , those home peoples had a hard life , of hunger , starvation, jobless , and all the shortage of things to have a decent life ... and democracy .
So now the despots shum their own people to europe , cause they hire foreigncorporation slaves contract workers from fascist regimes that support them , by trading off minerial goods for constrution ones .
A revive neocolonialism, with new masters .
No surprise in it dohhhh !