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Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Powering Through Season One

By Gary;

In the Olden Days with only three networks it was easy to keep up with new shows.

Today we are bombarded with literally dozens and dozens of new programs divided between at least 10 to 15 major networks.

One of the programs that I let slip through the cracks was USA's Shooter.

I am a huge fan of the Mark Wahlberg movie. The plot of a corrupt CIA and Deep State could be taken right out of today's headlines.

Now thanks to Netflix I just powered through all ten episodes of Season One.

For those who missed it, the TV show takes the Wahlberg film and expands it out to the ten shows.

TV is almost always a different animal from movies. But in this case USA did a pretty good job keeping to the original while making some changes.

In this version Bob Lee Swagger has picked up a fairly hot military wife along the way. I am cool with that. That gives him something to protect and fight for. Unfortunately he also has a little daughter.  For me kids and action films do not mix. The kid's part is OK, but for her own protection I hope she is shipped off to some aunt for Season Two.

Overall the program is well done and there is enough senseless violence and mayhem to keep even me entertained.

Catch up on Netflix and get ready for Season Two in a couple weeks.

Rated  -  8 out of 10

Shooter - Season 2 Trailer

Shantel VanSanten as Julie Swagger, Bob Lee's wife


Anonymous said...

If those shows keep american youth ready for militar service , i mean thats ok ... but the more of the same , will backlash and someday you go the way as Europe pussies ... looking down on militar as a fascist thing , and outdated ... and so they are ready to be sheeps to the slaughter ...

Anonymous said...

The most highly decored soldier in US marines , as a sniper , was Carlos Hatchcock ,a legend , in the Cors .
He had a hard life . As youth he need to hunt to eat , as he came from a broken family , and lived with his grandmother .So he go , out with his dog and his father old Mauser rifle from the WWI, to hunt small animals for food .
In the militar he join the marines , as a sniper , cause his skills.
He didn`t enjoy killing other men , but he said that it is he , or them .
He did the Vietnam war , and came out of it, with severe wounds from a mine incident , as he take out of an AMTRAC several other US soldiers .
He them in the States , stay in the Marines as a sniper instrutor , as he became more ill , from those wounds and mental illness .
He pass away in 1999 , at the age of 56 .
Life is not a walk in the park .
Things that we live , made us as we are .
So a picture about this sniper , must be 180º diferent from this one .
Maybe one don`t need to had a hard life to became a good soldier as Carlos became to be .
Maybe training , and militar drills , transform a urban wuss , into a fighting soldier ... as so america may keep his freedom .
Over here wussieurope , we doom in it .