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Friday, July 7, 2017

Trump to Putin: Syrian President Assad Can’t Have Land Liberated From ISIS

Syria, Who The Fuck Cares?

  • I am breaking with Trump on Syria. Through the CIA we have been arming Islamists and fighting there for years on end in an undeclared and unconstitutional war.
  • Now the Globalists (through Trump) appear to be dictating to the Syrian government what parts of Syria the Syrian government will be allowed to rule!!!!!
  • The area we call Syria has somehow managed their affairs without American help for the last 10,000 years.  I have no interest in who rules what village, town or city. It is none of our business.

(Newsweek)  -  Little is known about exactly what President Donald Trump will discuss with Russian leader Vladimir Putin when the two meet for the first time on Friday. But one thing is certain to come up: the ongoing war in Syria.
Trump is set to ask Putin to loosen his support for Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and ask Russia to ensure “no faction in Syria illegitimately retakes or occupies areas liberated from ISIS,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday.
That means that the Syrian autocrat would not be able to reoccupy the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group’s stronghold in the city of Raqqa without some sort of agreement between all parties.
Tillerson has said Syria’s future is one without Assad in power. A condition of an agreement could be that Assad steps down. But the ask comes at what Tillerson said is “an all-time low point” in U.S.-Russia relations since the end of the Cold War.
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Syria, December 2016

Aleppo, Syria before and after 
the unconstitutional CIA run war.

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Tillerson has said Syria’s future is one without Assad in power.

The fat lady is still clearing her throat. Watch the stuff in the south and east, during the coming weeks

Anonymous said...

Insane. They fight on all fronts against a bundle of factions , and now they will delivery power to Assad . Thats a insane thought of you .
Surely it will be a hard nut to crack those "power sharing" cause democracy is something out of fashion in that region , and one cannot acomodate so many groups .
Partition on Syria , freezin out the status quo !!!!
Assad alawites and others , the SDF , the Kurds . How other countries around think of it ?. Without proper international backup , a powerfull one , they start to fight again . Things over there not easy to handle .