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Saturday, July 15, 2017

GENOCIDE - Muslim Turks Steal Christian Churches

NATO Genocide Against Christians

  • NATO member Turkey not only helped ISIS but is oppressing Christians.  Note that the other members of NATO remain silent about this endless genocide against Christians by an alliance member.

(London Daily Mail)  -  One of the world's oldest Christian communities fears extinction after the Turkish government confiscated 50 of its properties. 

The Syriac Orthodox Church was deprived of dozens of churches, monasteries and cemeteries over claims the ownership deeds had lapsed. 

Christian leaders say the assets being seized include two monasteries built 1,500 years ago, the loss of which would be a crushing blow to their culture.

Fears are running high after a last-ditch appeal against the confiscation on behalf of the ancient monastery of Mor Gabriel in southeastern Turkey was rejected.

Kuryakos Ergun, chairman of the Mor Gabriel Monastery Foundation, said Turkey's Christians had 'never been through as difficult a legal period'.

The 1,500 year old monastery of Mor Gabriel (pictured) in
southeastern Turkey was stolen by the Muslim government.

He told Fox: 'We went to sleep one night, and we woke up the next morning to see what was ours the night before no longer belonged to us.' 

Taking to Al-Monitor, he added: 'Our churches and monasteries are what root Syriacs in these lands; our existence relies on them.'

Critics say the dispute is a new chapter in the long history of religious persecution of the small Christian community by the Turkish state.

The row began when Turkish government land officials redrew the boundaries around Mor Gabriel and other villages in 2008 to update a national land registry.

The monks say the new boundaries turn over to the villages large plots of land the monastery has owned for centuries, and designate monastery land as public forest. 

Christian groups believe officials want to ultimately stamp out the Syriac Orthodox monastery.

Turkey's ruling AK Party government, which has Islamist roots, has repeatedly been criticised for hampering religious freedom for minority groups. 


The ancient Christian community that speaks the language of Jesus

The twin spires of the Mor Gabriel monastery stand against a blue sky
The twin spires of the Mor Gabriel monastery stand against a blue sky
Syriacs are one of Turkey's oldest communities, descendants of a branch of Middle Eastern Christianity.
The Syriac Orthodox Church is united by a language derived from Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke. 
It was founded around the year 512 by Patriarch Severus in Antioch, which was then part of the Byzantine Empire. 
Since then, Syriacs spread throughout the Middle East, and there are surviving communities in Iraq, Iran and Syria.  
There were 250,000 Syriacs when Ataturk founded Turkey after World War I from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire.
Thousands of them were killed in massacres by Ottoman forces during the 'Seyfo' or the Year of the Sword, in 1915. Today they number 20,000. 
Syriacs migrated throughout the 20th century to Europe, fleeing first persecution by the new secular republic, and later to escape violence between Kurdish separatist rebels and the Turkish military in the southeast.
Their historic homeland is called Tur Abdin, the Mountains of the Servants of God, and is situated on a plateau between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. 
This is studded with more than 80 monasteries, many of which are in ruins. 

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Anonymous said...

They do the same in the WWI on Armenians .
Etnic and religious cleanseance ...
There are many documents , and facts related on it .
Recently i saw a piece in TV about a turkish women that searching for their roots , find thats shes was in fact descendant of armenians , as her grandfather , and grandmother was deported from north east turkey in 1915/16 , as the young turks ride that "genocide move " to Syrian lands . They lost everything in it . She made a comeback on the land to found , harsh memories .