"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Friday, July 7, 2017

Our Political Parties are Obsolete

American Democracy is Dead

  • The American people are being held prisoner by Wall Street's bought and paid for minions in both political parties.
  • Our so-called "elections" are a sham.  Unless you are a millionaire or take millions in corrupt Special Interest cash there is no chance in Hell of being elected to Congress.

From The Daily Sheeple

History informs us that once something is obsolete, it can disappear far faster than anyone expected. 

While we generally think of obsoleted technologies vanishing, social and political systems can become obsolete as well.

Should a poor soul who entered a deep coma a year ago awaken today, we must forgive his/her astonishment at the political wreckage left by the 2016 election. 

The Democratic Party, a mere year ago an absurdly over-funded machine confident in an easy victory in the presidential race, is now a complete shambles: its leadership in free-fall, its Fat-Cat donors disgusted, and its demented intoxication with pinning collaboration with Russia on the Trump camp eroding whatever feeble legacy legitimacy it still holds. What the party stands for is a mystery, as its Elites are clearly beholden to insiders, special interests and Corporate donors while glorifying the worst excesses of globalism and the National Security State’s endless war on civil liberties.

The newly awakened citizen would also marvel at the chaotic war zone of the Republican Party, in which the Insider Warlords are battling insurgent Outsiders, while the same Elites that fund the Democratic machine are wondering what they’re buying with their millions of dollars in contributions, for it’s unclear what the Republican Party stands for: it’s for Small Government, except when it’s for Bigger Government, which is 95% of the time; it’s for more law enforcement and the militarization of local police, and more intrusion into the lives of the citizenry; it’s for stricter standards for welfare, except for Corporate Welfare; it’s for tax reform, except the thousands of pages of give-aways, loopholes and tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations all remain untouched, and so on: a smelly tangle of special interests masked by a few sprays of PR air freshener to the millions left behind by the globalization that has so enriched Corporate America and the class of financier-owners, bankers, insiders and technocrats–the same group that funds and controls both political parties.

Political parties arose to consolidate centralized control of the central state.

We have now reached the perfection of this teleology: the political elites and the financial elites are now one class. In our pay-to-play “democracy,” only the votes of wealth and institutional power count.

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Dutch General Election, 2017
Americans Do Not Be Frightened
Americans do not be frightened by the free election above.  Simply American "elections" are rigged where Congressmen are openly bought and paid for by Wall Street factions.  The Democrats and Republicans are corrupt and don't give a crap about voters because they have no fear of defeat by outsiders.
Meanwhile every other democracy in the world has multi-party free elections.  In the case of this Dutch election some 13 political parties won seats in Parliament.

Back in the USA the last time a third party won a seat in our House of Representatives was way back in 1948.  Simply democracy does not exist when the same two parties "magically" win 100% of all elections.

Maybe the U.S. should adopt election reform.  Democracy.  What a concept!


Anonymous said...

You to harsh on the political background of america politics .
Its a way to handle the democratic process, as others .
Democracy is not a easy ride , but it is the proper ride to handle .
Others countries had a kind of diferent ballot system to form executives , but nederland is a hard ball of one of those . Too many parties , is a hard way to form major benches to support a government.
You better read more about those systems , and compare with the US .

Anonymous said...

Look at the UK too . Or Germany .
Look at France .They got lots of parties and movements , but the system of two turns , give a massive victory of one only , that allow the same that you challenged .

Anonymous said...

It goes the same way .