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Monday, July 31, 2017

Rehab Clinic For Jihadis is Empty

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder
Insane Leftists think they can "cure" Islamists
if only they would check into rehab

(Daily Caller)  -  France is shutting down its only rehab facility for radicalized individuals after failing to attract extremists, the government announced Friday.
The French government launched its first de-radicalization center in October for people who were “looking for a way out.” The facility has been empty since February and the interior ministry is now moving to close it.
“The experiment has not been conclusive,” the government said in a statement, according to The Local.
Eleven more centers were planned as part of a 40 million euro ($47 million) program. The project would have had the capacity to host hundreds of people, but just nine signed up. All of them dropped out of the one-year course.
Despite the failure, the government has not given up on the project entirely.
Local residents and politicians complained over the fact that potentially dangerous individuals had the ability to wander around in their community since the program was voluntary.
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Anonymous said...

all bonkers
suicidal europe even paid social security handouts to former jihadis
see carissa ward cnn , on return jihadi belgian scene ... i asure you ... is for real