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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Trump's Press Sec pushes to remove Assad

Washington Beats The Drums of War

  • The Military-Industrial Complex that unconstitutionally armed Islamists and ISIS is pushing to overthrow the Syrian government.
  • But the fact of the matter is Christian Syria was lost to Islamists starting in 629AD.  Islamists on all sides of the civil war control Syria today. So why are we their?
  • It is bad enough we are arming sides in a civil war, but we are trying to overthrow Russian's long time ally and expand the war.

Monday at the White House press briefing, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said he could not “imagine a stable and peaceful Syria” where President Bashar al-Assad remained in power.
Partial transcript as follows:
REPORTER: President Trump has spoken out extensively about the crimes of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Does the President consider Assad a war criminal and does he believe eventually Assad should eventually appear before the ICC?
SPICER: I think right now the focus is twofold. One is defeating ISIS and the second is creating the political environment necessary for the Syrian people to have new leadership there. I don’t think there is — I can’t imagine a stable and peaceful Syria where Bashar al-Assad is in power. I think we all recognize that happens and there can be a multipronged approach. We are ensuring that ISIS is contained and there is a de-escalation of the proliferation of chemical weapons and at the same time creating the environment for a change in leadership.
Trump Adviser McMaster: Islamic Apologist

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Anonymous said...

thats overreach on it
assad must go , but going or not fascist lands in that region , will remain fascists no matter the gov that rules over there ...