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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Pamela Geller: "Which Al-Qaeda Satellite Are We Partnering With?"

Trump Worries Me

  • I was a 100% Trumpster.  Based on attacking Syria I am now down to 75%. I firmly believe Trump has been captured by the Military-Industrial Complex and its desire for eternal war.

(Breitbart)  -  Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, joined SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily. The conversation began with her thoughts on the previous night’s airstrike against Syria.

“I’m deeply concerned. I don’t understand it,” Geller said. “It seems like a knee-jerk reaction. It doesn’t speak to a coherent policy. It seems to me that Trump has switched sides.”

“It does seem that way,” Kassam agreed. “This is what I’ve been saying for now the last 48 hours: there seems to be a malign influence on him. He’s saying things like, hey, we can get you really good coverage. CNN will stop writing ‘Trump’ on its chyron, they’ll start writing ‘President Trump’ on its chyron. Time magazine will put you on the front, and this time it won’t be scary or a joke. We’ll make you look like a leading statesman around the world. All you have to do is compromise on every single thing you said during the campaign.”

“Yeah,” Geller said with a rueful laugh. “I mean, I’m laughing, but I’m laughing with blood. It’s not funny.”

“I don’t know when he began to care. I mean, that was the beauty of Trump. For those of us that have been in the trenches, you have to become inured to this kind of withering criticism. You have to develop a crocodile skin. He seemed to have it. He seemed to have come to the party with it. It was really sort of the most fantastic thing about him,” she said.

“On the one hand, I always console myself with, ‘It’s not Hillary.’ That’s always my mantra. It’s my religion,” she said. “But this really, I think, is a terrible mistake. Back in 2012, my organization American Freedom Defense Initiative, issued a call to President Obama and to the United Nations warning of an impending genocide in Syria. I’ve been acutely aware of what’s going on in Syria. They did nothing, and millions of Christians and religious minorities were slaughtered. I don’t understand this visceral response. And what is the objective? Who are we partnering with? What quote-unquote ‘rebel gang’ – is it al-Nusra? Which al-Qaeda satellite are we partnering with?”

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