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Thursday, April 27, 2017

UKIP at only 4% in polls

Voting for "Conservatives"
who are not Conservative

  • Are Voters Idiots?   British voters want immigration control and want out of the EU.  
  • So polls show voters rejecting UKIP which supports those positions and voters supporting the open borders Conservative Party which opposed leaving the EU.

(Independent)  -  The poll also put the Conservatives 23 points ahead of Labour on 49 per cent, up six points from last month, against Labour's 26 per cent, down four. 
Liberal Democrats were unchanged on 13 per cent, while Ukip slumped from 6 to 4 per cent and the Greens were down from four to one per cent. 
If such a vote were repeated at the ballot box, it suggests Ms May is heading for a landslide majority comfortably over 100 seats on 8 June.
Previous polls have also suggested the Conservatives are on course to win a landslide victory.
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Anonymous said...

Sure they are .
But that is even better than Corbyn .
Corbyn are doing campaign in North Korea .