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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Syrian Chemical weapons attack was staged

Manufactured "Terrorism"
  • From day one I never believed in the phony Syrian gas attack false flag.
  • Without any investigation the warmongers (who make up 80% of both parties) instantly said the Syrians and Russians were guilty.  Now the truth starts to come out.

(International Business Times)  -  A leading weapons academic has claimed that the Khan Sheikhoun nerve agent attack in Syria was staged, raising questions about who was responsible.

Theodore Postol, a professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), issued a series of three reports in response to the White House's finding that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad perpetrated the attack on 4 April.

He concluded that the US government's report does not provide any "concrete" evidence that Assad was responsible, adding it was more likely that the attack was perpetrated by players on the ground.

Postol said: "I have reviewed the [White House's] document carefully, and I believe it can be shown, without doubt, that the document does not provide any evidence whatsoever that the US government has concrete knowledge that the government of Syria was the source of the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria at roughly 6am to 7am on 4 April, 2017.

"In fact, a main piece of evidence that is cited in the document point to an attack that was executed by individuals on the ground, not from an aircraft, on the morning of 4 April.

"This conclusion is based on an assumption made by the White House when it cited the source of the sarin release and the photographs of that source. My own assessment is that the source was very likely tampered with or staged, so no serious conclusion could be made from the photographs cited by the White House."

The image Postol refers to is that of a crater containing a shell inside, which is said to have contained the sarin gas.

His analysis of the shell suggests that it could not have been dropped from an airplane as the damage of the casing is inconsistent from an aerial explosion. Instead, Postol said it was more likely that an explosive charge was laid upon the shell containing sarin, before being detonated.

"The explosive acted on the pipe as a blunt crushing mallet," Postol said. "It drove the pipe into the ground while at the same time creating the crater.

"Since the pipe was filled with sarin, which is an incompressible fluid, as the pipe was flattened, the sarin acted on the walls and ends of the pipe causing a crack along the length of the pipe and also the failure of the cap on the back end."

The implication of Postol's analysis is that it was carried out by anti-government insurgents as Khan Sheikhoun is in militant-controlled territory of Syria.

Postol, formerly a scientific advisor at the Department of Defense (DoD), has previously outlined similar inconsistencies with US intelligence reports. Following the 2013 chemical weapons attack in eastern Ghouta, Postol again said the evidence did not suggest Assad was responsible – a finding that was later corroborated by the United Nations.

In his latest reports, Postol hit out at what he says is a "politicisation" of intelligence findings.

Postol said: "No competent analyst would miss the fact that the alleged sarin canister was forcefully crushed from above, rather than exploded by a munition within it."

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Anonymous said...

I think most syrian or schock photos , or vídeo scenes , from those lands are staged .
A great hoax from the IB , and the H.Fabrication .
I never believe that the Kurdi photo was real , its look like a "set" to induce the desirable reaction from outside .
That led to those massive flow of migrants , endless numbers , before that "devil deal" with fascist Erdogan .
Merkel sell her soul , and country , and continent security , not to face those " problems" that german brands, and german banks started to had . Economics.Pure economics .
I never believe that vídeo from that kid in the syrian ambulance was real . It look staged from the start .Nobody ever herd from him again . Maybe he is still sprayed with talco powder and ketchup .
And now , why Assad will do such stupid thing , in a war scenario that he is winning ?
Since ages , we are dealing with the masters of deception .So one must be awaken not to be fooled by wisers old geezers from any foreign mountain .
And the West is not know to be very smart , since ages .