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Monday, April 3, 2017

Russia increases nuclear sub fleet, combat patrols reach Soviet-era levels

(RT News)  -  Russia has floated its new state-of-the-art nuclear-powered multipurpose submarine called Kazan as its fleet returned to Soviet-era operational levels in terms of sea patrols, according to the Russian Navy chief.

“The Yasen-M class nuclear-powered submarine cruisers are some of the most advanced battleships that amassed all cutting-edge submarine shipbuilding technologies,” Admiral Vladimir Korolev, the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, said as the most advanced Russian nuclear attack submarine, Kazan – the second submarine of the Yasen-M class – was launched in the northern Russian port of Severodvinsk.

Kazan was laid down in 2009 and is expected to be accepted by the Russian Navy in 2018 following sea trials. The admiral said four more submarines of the same class – Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Arkhangelsk and Perm – are now being built at the Sevmash shipyards in Severodvinsk and one will be launched as early as in 2019 while the seventh and last vessel of this project, Ulyanovsk, would be laid down in the summer of 2017.
All the vessels are expected to be built by 2023, according to Korolev.

Yasen-M class submarines are to replace the older Russian attack submarines of the Akula-class forming the backbone of the Russian Navy’s conventional submarine force. They are considered to be counterparts to the US nuclear-powered Seawolf and Virginia class submarines.
The lead vessel of the project, K-560 Severodvinsk, was laid down in 1993 but construction was completed only in 2010 due to budgetary constraints. It was accepted by the Russian Navy in 2014.
The Yasen-M class vessels are 120 meters long, have a submerged displacement of 13,800 tons and can travel up to 31 knots (57 kph) while submerged. They are also designed to dive to a maximum depth of 600 meters.
The submarines carry ten 533mm torpedoes and have eight vertical launching systems equipped with four Onyx and Kalibr supersonic cruise missiles each. Each ship is designed to operate independently for up to 100 days.
One of the most interesting features of the new design is a large spherical sonar system which occupies its entire bow, which required that torpedo tubes be slanted and placed behind the main control compartment.
“We are creating a group of nuclear-powered submarines that will carry out missions in all regions of the global ocean and ensure Russia’s security,” Korolev said at the Kazan launch ceremony, as cited by TASS.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, listens to Russian
navy deputy commander Mikhail Zakharenko.


Anonymous said...

they run low on batteries ... subs go under as Kursk did ... they try to put pedals on subs crews to fortify energy on those batteries ...

Anonymous said...

Putin made a blunder in Syria .
He made a wrong move , that will go down on russian people , as see yesterday on St.Petersburg subway system . Sunni people will never forgive Putin crimes in Syria .
And russia inteligence , or armed forces, are not so great, as they think they are .
They may be strong enough to fool americans , and bypass free elections there, and in europe , but on russia backyard troubled muslims border nations , sunni ones , or inside sunni russians nationals , ... Putin will go down .