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Sunday, April 9, 2017

ISIS attacks Syrians after Trump downs Syrian air force

An "Amazing" Coincidence
  • The CIA has sent mountains of weapons to arm Islamists and ISIS to illegally overthrow the Syrian government.
  • Then the CIA magically provides "proof" that Syria used poison gas resulting in the destruction of their air base.   Now ISIS (and other Islamists) are able to attack Syrian troops with no fear of Syrian air attacks.
  • Call me a Crazy Blogger, which I am, but only children believe in coincidences. Helping Islamists win control of Syria is the plan.

(UK Express)  -  ISIS jihadis have reportedly launched an attack on a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) base just 20 miles away from the air base targeted by US president Donald Trump.

Trump’s strikes saw 59 Tomahawk missiles rain down on the airbase – believed to have been used for chemical weapon attacks by the Syrian government which killed at least 80 people.
ISIS, also known as Daesh, has attempted to take advantage of the chaos caused by the President’s strikes, launching a powerful offensive on a military base in Al Furqlus, pro-Syrian news site Al-Masdar claimed.
Homs governor Talal Barazi claimed the airbase was used to support operations against ISIS.
It is believed the ISIS assault has not yet made any territorial gains, but the US offensive has provided an opportunity for the terror tyrants to keep pressure on Syrian forces and attack without risking retaliatory air strikes.
It comes after Barazi claimed the US strikes “targeted military positions in Syria and in Homs specifically" in order to “serve the goals of terrorism in Syria and the goals of Israel in the long run”.
Syrian officials often refer to people opposing the government the government – including western backed rebels – as terrorists.

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