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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Obama's Persecution of a 75 year old Vietnam Vet

Cleaning Up Commie Crap

  • The trial starts where Comrade Obama's DOJ persecuted a vet for daring to post a 4 inch long American flag.

Shameful! 75-year-old Vietnam Veteran, Robert Rosebrock is facing criminal charges for placing 2 tiny American flags on a fence on Memorial Day, May 30th, 2016.
Judicial Watch is representing Rosebrock. Trial begins tomorrow, April 18th.

Via Judicial Watch March 3rd:
(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today announced it filed a series of motions alleging constitutional and other legal deficiencies in the extraordinary prosecution of its client, Robert L. Rosebrock, a Vietnam-era veteran who faces federal criminal charges for purportedly displaying two four by six inch American Flags above a Veterans Affairs (VA) fence on Memorial Day, May 30, 2016.  Judicial Watch’s team of attorneys recently filed:
  • A motion to suppress statements Rosebrock allegedly made to a VA police officer during a custodial interrogation of Rosebrock without advising him of his Fifth Amendment rights, as required by Miranda v. Arizona.
  • Two motions to dismiss the “flag posting” charge and two photography-related charges against Rosebrock on First Amendment and other constitutional grounds.
  • A motion to dismiss all charges against Rosebrock on the grounds of selective and vindictive prosecution and retaliation for Rosebrock’s having exercised his First Amendment rights.
  • VA officials previously told Rosebrock that a federal regulation allowed hanging the American Flag and POW/MIA flags on the “Great Lawn Gate” fence, and Rosebrock, Hayes and others hung as many as 30 full-size America Flags at the fence at the same time without incident.Rosebrock faces up to six months’ imprisonment if found guilty on any of the three charges.
When a Vietnam veteran is facing criminal charges for hanging napkin sized American flags on a fence while illegal aliens get welfare and free medical care, it is a direct result of liberalism.
Let’s pray this veteran wins this case! Bravo Judicial Watch for helping this man! TGP will update as this case progresses.
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Anonymous said...

No surprise .
One day , we all will know the full facts of that "backstab" that Obama did in 2008 on Hillary chances to gain the White House .
Maybe Obama was the real "mole" inside the American Federation , and not those Nikita , River Phoenix caracter , or his so call KGB " parent agents " inside american society movie fictional work in the 80`S.