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Monday, April 24, 2017

France is Dead - Le Pen gets only 22% of the vote

Le Pen: 
‘It’s Time To Liberate The French Nation’

EDITOR  -  Sadly the ball-less French Sheeple have no interest in being "liberated".  About 78% of Frenchmen voted for open borders Conservatives, open borders Leftists and open borders Centerists.  No way will enough of these voters get behind a Nationalist. 

Within a generation or two the most popular name for newly born Frenchmen will be Mohammed.

Viva la Pussies.

PARIS (Daily Caller)  —  National Front leader Marine Le Pen called the results in the first round of the French presidential election “historic” as she urged supporters to stand up against “arrogant elites.”

Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron will move on to a run-off election May 7, according to early results.

“This result is historic, the first step has been taken,” Le Pen told her supporters after the results were announced. Le Pen went on to say she represents “real change.”

“The French people now have a very simple choice: either we continue on the path to complete deregulation, or you choose France,” she said. “It is time to liberate the French nation from arrogant elites who want to dictate how it must behave.”

The National Front leader wants France to leave the European Union if elected. Her platform is centered around protectionism, fighting radical Islam and lowering immigration levels.

“I would decide on a moratorium on all legal immigration to stop this frenzy, this uncontrolled situation that is dragging us down,” Le Pen told a crowd of supporters Monday. “I will protect you. My first measure as president will be to reinstate France’s borders.”

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The Old France is Dead

Summary of the 23 April and 7 May 2017 French presidential election results
CandidateParty1st round2nd round
Votes %Votes %
Emmanuel MacronEn Marche!EM6,924,09623.17%
Marine Le PenNational FrontFN6,853,81522.94%
François FillonThe RepublicansLR5,897,57819.74%
Jean-Luc MélenchonLa France insoumiseFI5,640,94918.88%
Benoît HamonSocialist PartyPS1,802,5236.03%
Nicolas Dupont-AignanDebout la FranceDLF1,496,8575.01%
Jean LassalleRésistons !392,4661.31%
Philippe PoutouNew Anticapitalist PartyNPA341,7281.14%
François AsselineauPopular Republican UnionUPR267,4850.90%
Nathalie ArthaudLutte OuvrièreLO205,7070.69%
Jacques CheminadeSolidarity and ProgressS&P55,3010.19%


Anonymous said...

France is dead since May 10 , 1941 , the stupid French XIX colonial onslaugh adventure in North Africa that bring ressentment and grief on natives ... or since allowing muslims mygrations into their country in the XX century ...
a few years from now :
no country ...
no people ...
no nothing as similar as a country once called France

Anonymous said...

i mean ... May 10 , 1940
in 1941 shes already dead from the Hun invasion

Anonymous said...

The stupid french colonial onslaugh adventure was needed they say , then , to stop marauding barberian pirates to kidnnaped europeans , from raiding european french and spanish beachs and coastal villages , and boats in the Mediterranean , or the atlantic ...
Neverdeless as that bringing the end of piracy , never was enough to heal the divide between foreigner french nationals masters rulers , and local natives subjects .Two oppose proud cultures that even so try to engage , but only if one came up on the other .
That inner fight ended in 1958 .
Now is turning the opposite way as foreign north africans offspring in France grown , and french pussies going out of work , and numbers are down ... one day even those offspring french from north african parents will be "schum" the national french footbaal team , or running trucks on people , and guning down policeans , or militar personnel ... they may even would try to gun down some french fringe cartoonists , and ... who knows ... rock houses !!!!

Anonymous said...

Really ?!
They already did that ?
What a surprise !!!

Anonymous said...

Hamon vote number really silly .
As McMacro will win the French Presidential lottery fair in May , what will we do , as the "stooge" of the OWO ?

Anonymous said...

or the NWO ?