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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Trump's DOJ: "Don’t discriminate against US citizens"

Trump Stands Up For Workers

  • Meanwhile the bought and paid for GOP and Dems write laws to import and much cheap labor as possible for their Masters on Wall Street.

(ARS Technica)  -  As the government begins approving H-1B applications for the year, the Justice Department has issued a public warning to employers seeking those visas not to use them to harbor bias against US-based workers.
"The Justice Department will not tolerate employers misusing the H-1B visa process to discriminate against US workers," said Acting Assistant Attorney General Tom Wheeler of DOJ's Civil Rights Division. "US workers should not be placed in a disfavored status, and the department is wholeheartedly committed to investigating and vigorously prosecuting these claims."
The warning comes as debate heats up in Washington over the proper administration of the H-1B visa program, which the Justice Department described today as allowing US companies "to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations such as science and information technology." Some critics allege the program has been used as a source of cheap outsourced labor.
In the US, the Immigration and Nationality Act generally forbids discrimination on the basis of national origin or citizenship in hiring, firing, and recruiting. That law is enforced by the Justice Department's Immigrant and Employee Rights Section (IER).
Most of the section's enforcement actions in the past year have been against companies that favored US workers and discriminated against work-authorized immigrants.
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American Workers Are Being Replaced
by H-1B Workers


Anonymous said...

H-1B is a shamefull ruse ... how a criminal gang manipulate illegal migration , and pro bono formation for indian workers on behalf of american workers layoff unemployment ... it came on 60 minutes CBS
go and see ...

Anonymous said...

Criminal gangs on the loose.