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Friday, April 28, 2017

Michigan bill ends sex between cops, prostitutes

(CBC)  -  Police in Michigan would no longer be legally allowed to have sex with prostitutes during undercover investigations under legislation making its way through the Legislature.

Michigan is the last state left in the U.S. that gives police immunity from prosecution in such circumstances after Hawaii made a change in 2014. Republican state Sen. Judy Emmons, who introduced the measure to repeal Michigan's law, said she doesn't believe officers are actually taking advantage of the law, but she wants it off the books now rather than waiting for it to become an issue.
"This is pretty significant when you're the only state left in the country who still makes allowances for undercover police to accommodate sexual intercourse and finally we are to the point where we need to eradicate this law and get rid of it," Emmons said.
The Senate unanimously approved the legislation Wednesday. It now moves to the House, where a similar bill has been introduced.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they can outsouce the undercover police detectives from other companies , or even with H-1B visas from foreign peoples .