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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Demo Rep. James Moran says he is underpaid at $174,000

Congressman James Moran

Sucking on the Public Teat
  • Moran, like many in both parties, has spent his life furiously sucking on the public teat and has no memory of what it is like in the real world where people work for a living.

By Gary;

Greedy Bastard Alert  -  Virginia Democrat James Moran is claiming that members of Congress, who collect an annual salary of $174,000, are underpaid.

Moran stated to CQ Roll Call, “I think the American people should know that the members of Congress are underpaid. I understand that it’s widely felt that they underperform, but the fact is that this is the board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world.”

Moran complained that there are congressmen and women who have been residing in their offices, and others in “small little apartment units” in order to save money, and the necessity of living apart from their families was a major problem.

How About Some Real Reform

We need to clean out this nest of professional political whores, and all it takes is a simple majority vote of the House of Representatives.  (Good luck with that.)

#1)  Cut the pay of Congressmen down to $50,000 with no retirement plan.  That will encourage these leeches to get the Hell out of D.C., go back home and get a real job.  Even at $50,000 you would have 100 candidates for each seat.

#2)  Shorten the time Congress meets down to six months.  On the first day of the seventh month the capital police will lock the doors of the Congressmen's offices forcing them to go home.  The Republic is safer with them out of town.

#3)  Vastly reduce district size from the insane 700,000 people per district down to a manageable 175,000 people.  That would involve increasing the size of the House from 435 to about 1,700 members.  Pack 'em in like sardines in bleachers.  I don't care. 

With smaller district size the People will greater control over elections instead of Billionaire Cartels buying Congressmen with millions in corrupt campaign cash.

#4)  Today.  Right now.  Fire 30% of all Washington staffers.  Enough of these teat sucklers.  Out the back door you go to learn about life outside the beltway.

To do this all that is required is a vote of the House of 218 to 217.  Yep, by a one-vote majority the GOP could reform the House today.  But they won't, and don't hold your breath waiting for the Democrats to do it.

Only when an angry public demands reform will their be a small chance of passage.

First inauguration of George Washington..
. They were not in it for the money
Our Federalist Founding Fathers believed in short term public service and then you would return to your community and live a normal life.  George Washington was the model of the citizen-statesman. 
That began to change as the passage below shows.  We started to create a professional political ruling class.

An Englishman wrote of politics while touring 18th century Virginia:
"The leading Federalists are gentlemen of fortune, talents and education, the natural leaders of the country. The leaders of the democratic party, on the other hand, are for the most part, what may be called politicians of fortune; adventurers who follow politics as a profession. With them politics are pecuniary, with the Federalists, they are a secondary consideration."
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