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Saturday, April 19, 2014

White House Counterterror Chief: “Confrontational” Children Could be Terrorists

Retards on Parade
  • Please don't be afraid of Muslims blowing up churches.  Instead a brain dead Democrat DHS advisor says we should be frightened of our teenagers.  They could become terrorists when they confront you.
  • Do these morons live on the same planet the rest of us do?

White House counterterrorism and Homeland Security adviser Lisa Monaco gave a speech this week in which she urged parents to watch their children for signs of “confrontational” behavior which could be an indication of them becoming terrorists.
Question  -  How much is this dumb ass paid?
During the speech at at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government on Tuesday night, Monaco, who replaced John Brennan last year in overseeing the executive branch’s homeland-security activities, said that parents need to be suspicious of “sudden personality changes in their children at home.”
“What kinds of behaviors are we talking about?” she asked. “For the most part, they’re not related directly to plotting attacks. They’re more subtle. For instance, parents might see sudden personality changes in their children at home—becoming confrontational.”
Monaco lamented the fact that, “The government is rarely in a position to observe these early signals,” encouraging parents to act as watchdogs to detect radicalization in line with President Obama’s goal of combating homegrown extremism.
Over the last decade, the federal government has broadened its definition of what constitutes potential terrorism to such a degree that the term has lost all meaning and is clearly being used as a political tool to demonize adversarial political activism says Infowars News.

Indeed, only yesterday Senator Harry Reid caused outrage when he labeled supporters of Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy “domestic terrorists”.


David said...

With Ritalin being prescribed to children at epidemic proportions maybe the only solution would be to prescribe even more Ritalin.

Gary said...

Middle school teachers without medical degrees insisted that I drug my kid.