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Saturday, April 26, 2014

GOP candidate trails registered sex offender in new governor poll

Dead Heat in Florida
42%  -  Rick Scott (R)
42%  -  Charlie Crist (D)
4%  -  Adrian Wyllie (L)

A new poll finds Gov. Rick Scott and Democratic challenger Charlie Crist in a dead heat and, with more than 10 percent of voters undecided, sets the stage for an already-brutal campaign expected to get uglier over the next seven months.

The poll by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, Inc., shows Scott and Crist, his most likely Democratic rival, knotted at 42 percent apiece. Adrian Wyllie, the Libertarian candidate, polls at 4 percent. But 12 percent of those questioned said they were undecided — showing that the race is still volatile.

If Wyllie does get 4%, that would be the highest share of the vote for anyone running for Governor of Florida outside the two major parties since 1916, when the Prohibition Party nominee, Sidney J. Catts, won the general election reports Ballot Access News.

Wyllie for Governor - Libertarian Party

“Florida voters continue to have reservations and mixed views about both presumptive party nominees for governor,” Brad Coker, managing director of Mason-Dixon, said in a telephone interview Thursday says Florida Today.

Scott trails Crist by eight points, 45-37, among Hispanics, a coveted voting bloc that comprises a growing portion of “swing” independents considered critical for a win in November. Scott appointed Carlos Lopez-Cantera, a former state representative who is of Cuban descent, as his lieutenant governor, and has come out this week strongly in favor of in-state tuition for undocumented immigrant students, something pushed by Hispanic lawmakers for years.

Exit polls showed that a majority of Hispanics backed Scott in his initial bid for governor when popular Florida Republican Marco Rubio was on the top of the ticket in the U.S. Senate race, Coker said. Rubio won’t be on the November ballot.

“Scott’s going to have to appeal to Hispanics without the help of Marco Rubio turning voters out and trying to get them to vote straight Republican. He’s going to have a bigger handicap with Hispanics than he did last time. ... Right now, they’re just kind of up in the air. They don’t know what they’re going to do,” Coker said.

Crist has a narrow edge among independents, who favor the former governor, 37-35.

He's not the next insane James Bond Super-Villain.  He's the
GOP "Establishment's" candidate for California Governor.

The GOP Establishment Candidate
  • Neel Kashkari trails registered sex offender in new governor poll.
  • Tea Party favorite Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is in second place.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari was already facing an uphill climb to unseat Gov. Jerry Brown this year, and now a new poll shows just how steep that hill is — he’s trailing a registered sex offender.

The private poll shows the one-time federal bailout czar lagging behind not just Brown but also a field of Republicans that includes Glenn Champ, who was put on the state’s sex offender registry after he was convicted in 1993 of two counts of assault with intent to commit rape. Before his professed conversion to Christianity, Champ also killed a man while driving and was convicted of soliciting a prostitute.

Kashkari is also trailing other Republicans running against Brown, including Assemblyman Tim Donnelly of Twin Peaks (San Bernardino County), Mayor Andrew Blount of the Orange County town of Laguna Hills, and a political unknown named Alma Marie Winston reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Tim Donnelly & Maria Conchita Alonso

Tea Party Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is in 2nd place.
Tim Donnelly for Governor

The statewide poll was administered by Clear Path Strategies, a public opinion research firm with offices in San Francisco and Washington, D.C.. It was done for a private client and was conducted April 2-6 of 1,000 likely voters, said David Bluestone, a founder and partner of the firm.

Respondents were shown a list of all 15 candidates followed by their occupations as they will appear on June 3 ballot. Brown, for example, was described as “governor of California.”

Champ didn’t have “convicted sex offender” next to his name — he was “business owner/engineer.”
Kashkari, described on the ballot as a “businessman,” is a former administrator of the $700 million Troubled Assets Relief Program, which saved banks and other financial institutions from doom after the 2008 crash. He has been campaigning in California for months and just  released a 33-page educational reform program.

Here’s the full results and how candidates were described in the poll:

Jerry Brown - Democrat/Governor of California 45.6 percent
Tim Donnelly - Republican/California State Assemblyman 18.3
Glenn Champ - Republican/Business Owner/Engineer 7.3
Andrew Blount - Republican/ Mayor/Businessperson 5.4
Alma Marie Winston - Republican Project Funding CEO 4.1
Neel Kashkari - Republican Businessman 3.8
Robert Newman - No Party Preference Psychologist/Farmer 3.1
Akinyemi Agbede - Democratic Doctoral Student 2.8
Luis J. Rodriguez - Green Author/Community Organizer 2.6
Cindy L. Sheehan - Peace and Freedom Author/Non-Profit Director 2.3
Richard William Aguirre - Republican Real Estate Investor 1.7
“Bo” Bogdan Ambrozewicz - No Party Preference Small Business Owner 0.9
Janel Hyeshia Buycks - No Party Preference Minister/Business Owner 0.8
Rakesh Kumar Christian - No Party Preference Small Business Owner 0.7
Joe Leicht - No Party Preference/Golf Course Operator 0.6

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