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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Democrat Mayor Dons Hijab To Meet With Muslims

Creeping Sharia
  • Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Mayor Betsy Hodges panders to local Muslims who oppress women around the world.
  • Question  -  With tens of millions of Americans unemployed and on food stamps, why are we importing Muslim Somalis into the U.S.?

In her first 100 days in office, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges has held hands with the Dalai Lama and traveled to the White House. She has spent a fifth of her time traveling for business: Three trips to Washington, D.C., two to New York City and one to Portland, Ore. But she has not pushed many new plans, instead building her own team and deepening relationships, particularly with Somali-Americans.

And at a time when growing Minneapolis is a priority, Hodges has yet to appoint people to two of the most important positions in the city, the director for economic development and the city coordinator. The Cradle-to-K Cabinet she touted on the campaign trail to support early childhood health and education is not yet filled reports the Star Tribune.

“I figure in a year, no one will care that it took extra time to hire my staff … but they will care if we get it wrong,” said Hodges, a council member for eight years before winning last fall’s mayoral race. [...]

On another day, hours after she lost the Southwest light-rail vote, she visited a Somali mall on E. 24th Street in a blue hijab, accompanied by her Somali liaison, Abdirahman Muse. Hodges’ office said she is fulfilling many of the promises she put forth in a 100-day plan for the Somali community, including asking the city attorney for a review of small business regulations.

In an upstairs room, Somali shopkeepers praised her for showing up, and poured out their concerns through translators, telling her they needed more space to park, more opportunities for idle youth, and more Somali police officers.

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