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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

GOP tries to make the Bible the official state book

The GOP Louisiana Legislature is called to order. 

Retard Alert!
  • Is there some reason I am missing that moronic Louisiana Republicans deliberately want to drive away every possible non-Christian voter?
  • Has the GOP never heard of the Bill of Rights or the 1st Amendment?  (Judging by their pro-police state votes they do need an education.)
  • Clueless and bigoted Republicans have no idea how stupid they look to the average voter.

Louisiana legislators advanced a bill Thursday that would make the Holy Bible the official Louisiana state book, despite concerns the move could prompt litigation.

“You cannot separate Christianity from the Bible,” said state Rep. Wesley Bishop, D-New Orleans, a lawyer and the son of a preacher. “If you adopt the Bible as the official state book, you also adopt Christianity as the state religion … We are going to open ourselves up to a lawsuit.”

Good enough to die for his country,
but a 2nd class citizen in Louisiana.
The House Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs Committee voted 8-5 to recommend the legislation to the full House.

State Rep. Thomas Carmody, R-Shreveport, countered that naming an official state book doesn’t equate to establishing a state religion, which is specifically prohibited in the U.S. Constitution reports The Advocate.

“The Holy Bible would be appropriate for the state of Louisiana,” he said, particularly given the state’s strong religious ties. [...]

Other legislators said Carmody’s bill was not inclusive of all types of religions practiced by Louisiana residents.

“As an elected official on this committee and in this building, some of my constituents from the city of New Orleans and around the state will find this type of legislation offensive,” said state Rep. Jared Brossett, D-New Orleans.

“You don’t think it’s offensive to some citizens of this state to select the Bible as the official state book?” asked Rep. Ebony Woodruff, D-Harvey. Woodruff suggested Carmody add “all books of faith like the Quran, the Torah.”

Carmody said he thought the Bible was “the appropriate symbol.” He said the state can have more than one state book, just as it has more than one official jelly.

Freedom of Religion
US Army Captain Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi poses in Times Square, New York, on September 14, 2010 , wearing his US Army ACU Digital Camouflage turban along with his ACU uniform.
Kalsi, who is the first Sikh in the US Army, is an emergency room doctor and emergency medical services (EMS) Director stationed at Ft. Bragg. In what appears to be a quiet shift, the US military since last year has allowed Sikhs to serve while retaining their turbans and beards, which are required by their faith.
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Louisiana Republicans are going out of their way to insult every
American soldier who does not believe in Christianity.


Anonymous said...

Re the Sikhs:
Probably not a badder bunch of bad-asses out there (if they are like the WW1 bunch that fought on our side). And I can't think of a group more opposed to "Islam" or ANY religion that says "Ours is the only one, submit or else". While the military should not PUSH religion... In any job where there are people shooting at you,, you sure can't stop it.

Gary said...

I lived in California's Central valley for years. Sikhs are everywhere and they own businesses rather than suck at the welfare state.