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Friday, April 25, 2014

Racist Democrats Attack Asian-Americans

Racist Democrats
  • Black and Latino Democrats have withdrawn their endorsements of Chinese-American Senator Ted Lieu because he refused to back a racial quota bill that would prevent thousands of Asian-Americans from attending college.

Racist Democrats in the People's Republic of California are frightened to death that Asian-American students are enrolled at many of California's top schools in numbers far greater than their proportion of the state's population. 

Heaven forbid that they are enrolled in schools based on their ability instead of race.

In an act of pure racism Democrat State Senator Ed Hernandez authored a bill to effectively install racial quotas and prevent thousands of Asian-Americans from attending college.  See our original story - Calif. Dem Latinos Push Spanish in Schools and Racial Quotas.  College admission would now be based on skin color not ability.

Currently Asians make up 36% of the University of California's students compared to their 13% of the general population.

But there was an unexpected pushback from families of Asian descent who mobilized through Chinese-language media, staged rallies and organized letter-writing campaigns has all but killed the measure this year reports ABC News.

Three Asian-American Senators, all Democrats who were seeking higher office at the time, withdrew their support of the bill after being bombarded by public criticism.

  • Six black and Latino lawmakers have since withdrawn their endorsements of Sen. Ted Lieu, who is Chinese-American, in a Los Angeles-area congressional race where he faces another Democrat in the primary.
  • Other black and Latino Assembly members this month withheld votes from unrelated legislation about the state's carpool program by Assemblyman Al Muratsutchi, D-Torrance, who is Japanese-American.

The Senate's Democratic leader, President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, acknowledged the animosity. He said in a statement that he wanted "a serious and sober examination" of affirmative action, adding "I am deeply concerned anytime one ethnic group turns on another."

Republicans are now capitalizing on the controversy by targeting upwardly mobile Asian-Americans.

Peter Kuo, a Republican candidate for state Senate, has been outspoken on the issue during his campaign for an eastern San Francisco Bay Area district that is 40 percent Asian-American.

"The Democratic Party is the party using the name of equality and diversity to lower the standard and preventing us from going into higher education," said Kuo, who came with his family from Taiwan when he was 14.
"I can't go and tell my kids, 'Hey, because you're Asian you can't get into the school you want,'" he said.

Republican Peter Kuo
GOP State Senate candidate Peter Kuo said, "I can't go and tell my kids, 'Hey,
because you're Asian you can't get into the school you want.'"
Kuo was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Peter Kuo for Senate.com

Now Democrats want us to be judged
by the color of our skin.

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